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Fermo immagine – day 3

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A man with a beard as long as his gaze and a smile that’s always open, Gadappa is not just the nicest character in Thithi (an Indian film in the Concorso Cineasti del presente competition) but also someone who teaches us how to interpret the present. Impervious to the frenzy typical of the rest of his family members, Gadappa has the pace of someone who has understood how to “surf” the waves of life.

Alex van Warmerdam’s film has no waves, but a swamp whose calm waters end up gradually swallowing the various characters in his entertaining and surreal spy story. Waves do break violently against the shoreline in Zulawski’s film, which endeavours to tackle Gombrowicz’s masterpiece. Cosmos is a film-world in which the task of giving meaning to a chaotic reality collides with the mission’s incongruity.   

Curiously, various other films today, between the serious and the silly, provide us with other life lessons: like the humanity  grasped by Claire Simon in her journey along the paths of the Bois de Vincennes, where she finds the meaning of a lost utopia, or the skirmishes of seduction that entangle Guerin’s accomplices in his L'Accademia delle Muse.

The other film in the Concorso Cineasti del presente competition is also dense with subtle irony. Much more than a successful genre film, Der Nachtmahr attempts to combine the Berlin music scene with the obsession with beauty affecting the new generation of the 2000s.

Carlo Chatrian

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