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Ticino moda


Locarno, 17 years ago: There’s Something About Mary is screened in the Piazza Grande, showing the Festival audience a brilliant Cameron Diaz who earned her first Golden Globe nomination for the comedic role. Many things have changed since that edition of the Festival and the Californian actress has not only been nominated three other times (for Being John Malkovich in 2000, Vanilla Sky in 2002, and Gangs of New York one year later), but she has also revealed that her best acting in both comedies and dramas is always characterized by her natural energy and elegance. However, that movie which screened in the Piazza Grande is not the only connection between Cameron Diaz and the Canton of Ticino.

In the last few years in fact, the actress has choose to wear Akris clothing – a Swiss company founded in 1922 by Alice Kriemler-Schoch – for film premieres and photoshoots. This fashion company, which is currently run by the grandson of the founder Albert Kriemler and Peter Kriemler is the only Swiss couture house at present and has recently decided to move part of its activity to Mendrisio, employing about 200 people – a choice which reveals the importance of fashion not only for the Ticinese economy, but also for the fashion companies themselves which can find in Ticino the best conditions to develop their undertakings. 

Also, thanks to Ticino Moda, an association which gathers the main industries in the territory, the Canton of Ticino is happy to declare itself as a “Fashion Valley” where anything is possible: even dressing one of Hollyood’s most important stars.

Mattia Bertoldi

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