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Open Microphone – Tikkun

From left, Avishai Sivan (director and producer), Ronen Ben Tal (producer)



Avishai Sivan, director

“The title Tikkun can’t be translated. In hebrew it means to try to fix something that went wrong, but in this case the meaning is to fix something in afterlife which went wrong in life.”

“The film was shot in black & white because it was meant for the theater, not for DVD or VOD. Since I was so emotionally engaged, I imagined it in black and white even in my mind.”

“It’s a universal theme that speaks about any religion.”

“In my past life I wasn’t an orthodox jew. I did some research and found out about this community. I’m interested in this community in a philosophical and cinematic way, not in a sociological way. I want to say something about the human being and not about religion.”

“The grey is also life. It is the symbol of a miserable life, but not necessarily. It is a lot of life.”

Arharon Trairel, actor:

“I know exactly what this character is going through.”

Riki Blich, actress

“Sivan directs actors to be very silent, to go inside themselves like into the worlds of those people who don’t show what they feel.”

“We have to choose between a very modern more progressive way of life and a traditional religious historical one. It is a conflict.”


Andreea Patru

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