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A little chat with… #askPullman

A little chat with… #askPullman



Ask Bill Pullman how does it feel to work with many different directors such as Mel Brooks, Wim Wenders, Wes Craven e David Lynch; question him on that time when he has been mistaken for the real President of the United States while promoting Independence Day; or maybe just ask him to tell about his personal performance on Lost Highway

To discuss with your favorite star, even if trough a moderator, you only need to post! Post your question on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #askPullman. You don’t have Twitter or Instagram? Don’t worry, you can use Facebook as well! Post your question on the comment section in the post referring to #askPullman before the public encounter and don’t forget to use the hashtag in your comment!

The more interesting questions will be selected and asked to Bill Pullman during the public conference that will be streamed on www.pardolive.ch , the official Festival del film Locarno page.

A great opportunity to have a little chat with directors like Roger Corman, Ken Loach and Alejandro Jodorowsky or actors like Harvey Keitel.

For more information on the public conferences, follow the daily program here

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