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Stay Hungry, Stay Innovative with Ticinomoda

Stay Hungry, Stay Innovative with Ticinomoda



There's a new university course in town. Thanks to the partnership between Ticinomoda association (www.ticinomoda.ch) and the Department of Innovative Technologies (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland, or SUPSI), a new formation program was developed to earn a Certificate for Advanced Studies (CAS). Its name is "Smart e-Fashion – Enhabling technologies for fashion business innovation driven development" and is structured into five modules; it is going to start in September 2016 in Manno, near Lugano.

Along 160 hours of lessons, the students will be able to face and study several fields related to the world of fashion. Sustainability, innovative technologies and data analysis are only a few aspects of this new course, designed to offer the future fashion professionals all the skills and all the tools to work with industry and production, especially in relation to supply chain and distribution.

This course is also one of the first answers to the need of specific and up-to-date training which has characterized the fashion economy in Ticino. Since the main objective of Ticinomoda is promoting favorable conditions for the development of companies in the fashion industry in our Canton, the partnership with SUPSI is the most natural step to encourage and foster the growth of this important economic sector.

Mattia Bertoldi

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