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Interview with Matt Damon

Piazza Grande – Jason Bourne

Matt Damon in Jason Bourne



Jason Bourne’s journey goes through four movies and fifteen years. How did this character change over all these years and how did you change playing him?

Jason has changed a lot, when we meet him at the beginning of the first movie he doesn’t know his name, or where he’s from. The character evolves through all the discoveries. I think I changed even more than him over all these years. It’s weird for me to speak about that, in my life so much happened, I was a 29-year-old single guy when I started, now I’m married with four children, my everyday life is totally different. I would say it’s more different now from Jason Bourne’s life than when I started playing him. I think it’s a good thing.


Is there anything in Jason’s character to which you can relate your own personality?

Sure, I feel very connected to him, I think he’s a very good person at heart, a man we can rely on. This is what Doug Liman told me years ago: «I can’t connect with James Bond, I want to create a character for our times, a spy we can see as one of us».


Just like the previous movies, Jason Bourne talks about our contemporary, important issues like for example privacy versus security. Is there any message you would like the audience to grab while watching the movie?

No, we don’t answer those questions, we just want to make them current. This is a big issue of our times, it’s the main issue in the movie. There will always be this battle between the Intelligence services and our freedom, they will always try to find a way out. About the privacy we’ll always try to escape from this, it’s really dangerous to give someone this power. I think it’s really the big issue of our times.


In what is Paul Greengrass different from the other great directors you’ve worked with?

I did four great movies with him, he comes from documentaries, the way he captures reality, he’s incredible in understanding what the world looks like. He directs in order to catch reality, make it real. On the other hand he’s similar to other directors in the way the all are: they’re open to collaboration. The truth is all the masters I’ve worked with listen carefully, they don’t give directions until the end, they are interested in everybody’s opinion, everyone’s idea. Then they decide which one is the best, they pick the one which comes out.

Adriano Ercolani

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