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Interview with Jean Ziegler

Fuori concorso – Jean Ziegler, l'optimisme de la volonté

Interview with Jean Ziegler



Jean Ziegler, how important is optimism for fighting in the name of an ideal?

The subtitle of the movie which will be presented at the Festival del film Locarno is clearly inspired by an Antonio Gramsci's quote, who wrote in one of his Quaderni del carcere: "Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of willpower". It explains perfectly how rationality leads to negativity, while willpower lets mankind to open new horizons, to go towards a new future of freedom and justice.


Travelling always leads to discovery. Did you discover in Cuba something new about the island, or maybe about yourself?

I have a deep affection for this country. To me it has always represented an example of indipendence and solidarity.


Che is certainly one of the most important historical figures in your life. But why did he become so important for whole mankind?

Because he gave his life to defend what he believed in. He did not write only some books, he did not take part only to conferences: he gave his life, all he had.


What is the most important thing you learned during your trip to Cuba, on which is focused Nicolas Wadimoff's movie?

A thing I already knew: that indipendence, solidarity and social justice are the most fundamental aspects of human society, the most essential values we have to defend and to believe in.


Mattia Bertoldi

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