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When art meets politics, as we know, amazing things can happen… or spectacular failures. This is the main story of the short movie Kommittén, about a commission of experts from Sweden, Finland and Norway appointed to choose a piece of art to put on the border between the three countries, representing their friendship and bond. But the artist in charge of this project had a very eccentric idea, causing huge perplexity among the commission members. Little by little the internal debate exposes stereotypes, prejudice and nationalism.The Finnish Jenni Toivoniemi and the Norwegian Gunhild Enger deal with paradoxes created through the clash of art and politics with a light humour, dealing with a borderline mood that never turns into grotesque or tragedy, but shows with elegance the multiple aspects of reality. We laugh at the representatives’ dialogues (a personification of a power more clumsy than actually strong) and about the world made of foolishness they belong to: the choice about the piece of art can miserably fail, but the group selfie is still something fundamental…Aside the ironic view on bureaucracy hiding behind the public works, the directors approach with devoted humor to the world of art too, through the character of a moony performer with a very personal idea of “monument” but lost in front of the compromises requested to whom working close with politics. 

Sara Groisman

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