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Open Doors Awards Ceremony

Open Doors Awards Ceremony



In her first year as Open Doors director, Sophie Bourdon starts a journey through South-Asian Countries, exploring Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and Nepal. «The work has been truly exciting, starting with the preparation phase when we could build a program both with known directors from the four Countries in focus, and with rising young talents from the whole Lab area. Midi Z, Mostofa Sarwar Farooki, The Maw Naing have an incredible energy and serve as an example to movie newcomers, because they are capable of drawing from their countries’ imagery in a new way, in order to create original movies». A successful edition both for Open Doors Screenings that were sold out and for the rich networking and pitching Lab activity. «The meetings allow a whole new generation of filmmakers to emerge, besides the known names. There’s a lot of buzz. And personally I’m glad that our work to put all the countries on the same level, from small Bhutan to Myanmar, which is struggling to re-open, is revealed in the prizes’ distribution» says Bourdon. The days dedicated to the Lab ended today: Day After Tomorrow won the Prix ARTE (6,000 euro) and Open Doors Grant (30,000 CHF), Season of Dragonflies won the Prix CNC (8,000 euro) and The Red Phallus received the Open Doors Grant (20,000 CHF).


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