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Ticinomoda, A Necklace


Carristar (Arzo, Ticino, ch)



Among the more than 40 societies which are associated to Ticinomoda (www.ticinomoda.ch), there are small pearls which demonstrate how vital and active is fashion business in our Canton. Companies which often bear the name of the families who founded them, because the story of a success is always a story full of passion and love for this economic sector.

Let’s take for example the Beca Ferretti, founded in 1877 in Bioggio, near Lugano. It has been specialized in manufacture of uniform caps for policemen, soldiers, music band members and agents of the security services, but now it masters also the art of needlework.

Carristar in Arzo (near Mendrisio, a few kilometres from the Italian borders) is instead dedicated to handmade shirts. It was founded in 1939 by Domenico Carri, a successful entrepreneur from Ticino who wanted to produce superior quality shirts using only the best Swiss and British fabrics. Almost 70 years after the industry is still in the hands of the Carri family and the symbol of Carristar logo – a pointer called “Laos” – reflects ideas such as calmness, work ethic and fidelity.

La Facoma is working on suits, shirts and uniforms in Massagno since 1948, while Cruna is specialized on work clothes in Chiasso. And also Longhi’s story goes back to 1960, when Ermanno and Annuncita founded the company in Chiasso.

Innovation and passion, tradition and modernity: each one of their stories is made of these elements, building a bridge between what we were and what we are going to be. The same goal of Ticinomoda, the necklace which collects all of them.

Mattia Bertoldi

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