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Verfluchte Liebe deutscher Film

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Verfluchte Liebe deutscher Film



Seen in premiere on the Berlinale screens this year, the documentary Verfluchte Liebe deutscher Film by directors Dominik Graf and Johannes Sievert is a love essay for the German genre films, packed with visuals, anecdotes, nostalgia and passion. Since we are talking of Germany and exploitation, we could not miss people like Roland Klick, Klaus Lemke, Rainer Knepperges, Mario Adorf and Atze Brauner, but also some forgotten directors such as Roger Fritz, Wolfgang Büld and Eckhart Schmidt, and they are all in the documentary talking about the phenomenon, unfortunately limited in time, of the success of popular German cinema, which started after the war until the sixties, when the producers’ taste and those of the audience were aligned, creating a zenith difficult to achieve and repeat, and rightly celebrated also by the Locarno retrospective this year. A second part of Verfluchte Liebe deutscher Film is now in development, to continue writing the supposed “cursed” love letter between this Cinema and its audience.


Massimo Benvegnú

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