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Which movie changed your life? #movieofmylife!

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Which movie changed your life? #movieofmylife!


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Marking its 70th birthday this year, the Locarno Festival celebrates film art with  #movieofmylife, a digital competition designed to give everyone a chance to tell the world about the film that changed their life.

Today we don’t just see images — we interact with them. Amid the multitude of screens that surround us all the time, the Locarno Festival wants to get back to remembering the pictures that moved us so much they changed our life, or at least made us see it through different eyes. #movieofmylife came out of the desire to share the experience of the movies and the stories they tell — the stories that are the reason why we all love cinema, rationally or passionately. We want to hear what everyone has to say — our public, cinephiles, but also the occasional moviegoer — by asking you to recount briefly what it was about that movie which was so striking, upsetting or moving. It might be its visionary power, or the talent and beauty of its stars. It might have been the first or the last in a long series. Or because something in the movie’s plot was also happening in your own life at the time. It might even have more to do with the person who was sitting next to you in the theatre.

Which movie changed your life? #movieofmylife!

The digital competition will be officially launched on the 21st of March and ends on August 11th, 2017.

More information on #movieofmylife website. 



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