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The future of movie theaters in the digital platforms age

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The seemingly endless proliferation of new ways of using and exploiting audiovisual media has changed the game forever. The impact of this ongoing transformation will be the special focus at the Locarno Festival’s Industry Days, where this year around a thousand delegates are expected to attend.

In our time platforms like Netflix and Amazon have altered all previous models of production and – especially – distribution. Is this an opportunity or a threat for theaters and auteur filmmaking? It is important that festivals take the responsibility of exploring these issues.

The Locarno Festival will be doing just that with the StepIn think tank, now in its 5th year, with contributions from representatives of major international players such as MUBI, the streaming platform dedicated to arthouse cinema, U.S. theater chain Alamo Drafthouse, that combines moviegoing with a food and drink experience, and Amazon Studios, one of the most important players of the contemporary cinema industry.

Locarno’s Deputy Artistic Director and Head of International Nadia Dresti: “Locarno gives a voice to forward-thinking representatives who believe in the theatrical experience and work hand in hand with cinemas while investing in new distribution strategies. Meanwhile, the new digital trends should compel cinema exhibitors to innovate, in order to keep high exhibition standards.”

StepIn will kick off the Industry Days on Thursday, 3 August 2017, in partnership with Europa Cinemas, Europa Distribution and Europa International.

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