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Magnolia official supporter for Locarno Festival

Magnolia official supporter for Locarno Festival


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We're delighted to announce that Magnolia, the Swiss enterprise CMS software company, has partnered with Locarno Festival as an official supporter of this year’s festival to provide a dynamic and responsive website which plays a key role in the organization and promotion of the event, as well as its numerous activities throughout the year. Magnolia will be integrated by Cryms, the skilled team that has been collaborating with the Festival for 19 years.

“If you want to stay on top of what’s current, an innovative instrument is essential and Magnolia is the right one to look at,” said Malcolm Tunzi, Head of Information Technology of the Festival. “The CMS allows all the Locarno Festival team to easily manage content and page components. Since we started using it, collaborators in different sectors are now more independent, as the article processing and editing times are shorter. We’re therefore able to offer the final viewer an always updated, lively and dynamic website”.

“On a more technical level, the Java programming language allows an easy and wide integration with other systems,” he explained. “In our specific case, the Magnolia web platform is associated with a backend management platform, from which it gathers information that is essential for the organization and communication of a big event such as the Locarno Festival”.

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