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Locarno Festival and Red Bull Music Academy, together for a third year

Locarno Festival and Red Bull Music Academy, together for a third year


The world-traveling Red Bull Music Academy Weekender returns for its sophomore year in Zurich, taking in all kinds of ground-breaking music.

Running from 9 through 12 November, the program ranges from electronic to house music, with a special night on the history of Swiss rap, plus new South African dance sound, as well as movies, a photography exhibition and top DJs in conversation.

Innovation has always been the hallmark of the three-year partnership with the Locarno Festival, which will take over Zurich theater Filmpodium on 12 November at 3 pm to present artist and sound designer Nicola Ratti, in a live musical accompaniment to Carl Theodor Dreyer’s 1932 classic Vampyr.

Vampyr is a 70-minute feature made in Germany in 1932 by Carl Theodor Dreyer. It relates the strange adventures that befall the young Allan Gray (interpretation by actor Julian West), wanderer and student of the occult, during his stay in a mysterious riverside city, said to be haunted by a vampire woman. The film was freely inspired by Sheridan le Fanu’s novella Carmilla, a tale which laid down the mythic codes of female vampirism.

Born in 1978, Nicola Ratti has been active for years on the experimental music scene, earning recognition for his minimalist compositions and sound designs for Milan-based artistic ventures such as Standards and Frequente. His albums have come out with labels Where To Now?, Shelter Press, Die Schachtel, Anticipate, Preservation and many others. His latest musical production is still hot off the press: entitled The Collection, it was published last 6 October by ROOM40. This is the first time that Ratti has put his composing and sound design talents to work for a classic black and white movie.

Don’t miss your chance – make sure to reserve a seat at the Filmpodium in Zurich for this unique event!

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