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John Pardo



You know that feeling when there just isn’t the time for everything you’d like the time to do? Or, to put it another way, have you ever been to the Locarno Festival? The event that’s celebrating its 70th anniversary, but you’d think it was its 18th birthday? Well there you are.

We’re used to rushing round trying to fit in 11 days of screenings and a program of over 300 films, but this year the days have become 17: 11 plus 6, counting the Pre-Festival and final farewells. On 30 and 31 July the curtain will already go up in Piazza Grande for free-admission screenings of Goldfinger, the third in the Bond series, and Marco Tullio Giordana’s latest film, Due soldati. But the ball gets rolling well before that, on 28 July, when laRotonda kicks off its packed program of live music and events, cuisine from every corner of the globe and bars for every kind of taste and occasion, running right through to 13 August! And that’s not all, folks! Green is the color this year with the reopening of the newly restored Parco Balli, which throughout the Festival will be the Locarno Garden la Mobiliare: every single day from 5 pm to 3 am, this magnificent greenspace overlooking the city will be the place to rest your feet, sate your appetite and restore your spirit, in a relaxing break between movies or to round off the day. The Garden will feature a pavilion designed by the brilliant Kerim Seiler and locally sourced food and drink, not to mention non-stop musical delights brought to you by Lugano’s Turba club.

So now you know how to avoid any risk of boredom, any time from 28 July to 13 August!


John Pardo

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