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We Love Glam Rock

We Love Glam Rock



The glorious era of Glam Rock shown through one of the most visionary directors’ lens and imagination. Todd Haynes revisits the Seventies and the powerful, ambiguous, irresistible relationship between David Bowie/Brian Slade and Lou Reed/Curt Wild. The brightness and glitter of costumes, make-up and set decoration are just the surface of a movie exploring the deep, meaningful connection between two game-changing artists, able to shake both music world and society. Extremely versatile actors like Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Ewan McGregor portray at their best such iconic personalities, giving their own interpretation of them. The film has also a great supporting cast of performers like Christian Bale, Toni Collette and Eddie Izzard. Haynes uses their talent together with his own specific vision of that era in order to compose a hypnotic puzzle made of glamorous images and inspiring music. Far from being a documentary, Velvet Goldmine succeeds in delivering to the audience the mood and atmosphere of an unforgettable moment in our contemporary history.

Released in 1998, the movie investigates the connection between art and life, especially when it isn’t that simple to create the first one without compromising the other one. This masterpiece won the best Artistic Contribution at Cannes Film Festival, becoming one of the most iconic and beloved feature films of that decade.

Adriano Ercolani

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