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Highlights 11 | 8 | 2017

Highlights 11 | 8 | 2017



Punches and caresses. Charlize Theron and Jean-Marie Straub. If you had ever told me that one day I’d be presenting such a double bill, I’d have said “no way.” But now I think that Locarno’s strength lies precisely in these impossible pairings. Not because of wanting to unify extremes, but because diversity must be exalted at all costs.

Locarno Kids is one of this year’s innovations. After a journey to the Americas in the company of the creative folly of Dario Fo comes the entertaining Zombillénium, about a father-daughter reunion in the craziest of theme parks.

They’ve accompanied us for ten days. Amusing or disrespectful, wordless or loquacious, parodic or poetic, #movieofmylife sees its conclusion today, with the winner in Piazza Grande. 

It has been a great Festival, a kaleidoscope of words and images of every hue. After ten days of evenings closing to the rhythm of music, we thought that the best possible finale would be to have music playing directly on the Piazza Grande screen. What music? Gotthard was the inevitable choice.

Carlo Chatrian

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