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Number Wang!

Pardo d'oro for Mrs. Fang - Concorso internazionale

Number Wang!


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Wang Bing and Mrs. Fang. The Golden Leopard of Locarno70 is his. Thanks to her.

Wang Bing, congratulation for the Pardo d’oro at Locarno Festival. How do you feel about this award?
I’ve been working on documentaries for over ten years but this is the first time I am receiving such a great prize. It is a great and deep honor for me to get this award for Mrs. Fang. I want to see it as a start of my future projects. A very good one! Locarno is the best platform to show art films, because here there is an audience, coming from all over the world, which is attentive to every single film that is screened.

Do you think this award will help next documentaries to be shown in more countries all over the world?
I hope very much so. I’ll keep doing my documentaries in the same way; to me the most important thing is that my documentaries reflect the truth of life. That’s the aim of what I’m trying to do: finding the truth behind reality. 

Where does your urge to make documentaries come from? 
Since in China there is a rigid system of film censorship, it is very difficult to find financial support to make independent films. So, considering that the costs to shoot a fiction film are very high, my choice towards the documentary has guaranteed me greater freedom to shoot. In addition, at the moment China is currently going through a rapid process of economic change, but its politics remain more conservative and the existential space of the common people in today's society is increasingly reduced. As a result, in China the documentary is the most direct expressive form of this epoch. 

Who are the people you like to speak about in your documentaries? 
The people I film are mostly ordinary people. Their life is no cause for concern on the part of traditional Chinese society: they live like ants in every corner of society, but we never get to hear their voices.

What is the idea behind Mrs. Fang?
The original aim was to visit Mrs. Fang and focus on her, and her family and neighbors. Once I arrived in the village, though, I decided to show daily life in the area as well. Because she was no longer able to speak, it was inevitable to feature her relatives and neighbors. Also, how do you address death? By showing those moments, which really occurred every day.

Did you already call the Fang family to inform them about the win?
Not yet, I hope I’ll be able to do that at the end of this joyful day.

Adriano Ercolani

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