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1st September 2015: the traditional hunting season starts in the Kurdish area of southeastern Turkey. 14th September: the Turkish army invades the whole region with 10,000 soldiers. A long period of effective civil war starts, culminating in martial law and a curfew. A famous Kurdish writer is trapped in one of the besieged cities and writes a diary entitled “Vaccine.” 16th September: strange anomalies – falling rocks, an eclipse – are seen on Mount Nermut in the north of the Kurdish area where ancient statues of pagan gods stand. 17th November 2015: a hail of meteorites strikes the entire Kurdish area (NASA counts 241 on the ground). The night lights up like daytime. The people pour onto the streets. After two months, the curfew is over. All this is Meteorlar (Meteors) by Gürcan Keltek, the most powerful debut in Turkish cinema in recent years. Dazzling black and white, the ancestral force of the landscape, the resistance and sacrifice of humanity under threat. Keltek films with a rare metaphysical precision, brilliantly sliding the real event onto a plane of total filmic reinvention and leading the very concept of documentary to a point of no return. The ibex hunt appears to us like a piece of science-fiction, the incredible footage of the Kurdish guerilla warfare an authentic narrative idea, the accounts of children who have lost their home a playful amateur video that smacks of hope, the writer’s diary an open-eyed dream, the rain of meteorites the way in which the sky tries to speak of peace to the people on the ground.

Lorenzo Esposito

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