News from the Locarno Festival

The Wall of Fame - Day ​​​​​​3

La prima grande serata in Piazza di #Locarno70


When it's the turn of Adrien Brody to step onto the red carpet, no one notices anything else. All eyes are on him, on the black of his tuxedo and on that look brimming with cinema and passion. The same that a few steps farther, on the stage, will move others. He is the powerful star of the third night of # Locarno70, all of his eight thousand guests are completely taken by the strength of an actor who has been able to carve out a place in the heart of anyone, from lovers of independent cinema to those for which cinema is entertainment. Emotion, tears, and then the smiles of Hélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani, Stéphane Ferrara.

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