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Documenting Nothing

In Praise of Nothing - Signs of Life

Documenting Nothing


Is it possible to document Nothing? And is it possible that an anti-ideological journey through our era’s paradoxical interweaving of cynicism and waste could be narrated by Nothing itself? Yes, if on the sidelines there is a filmmaker, Boris Mitić, and the idea of making a film with a free platform constantly receiving and editing images shot and submitted by dozens of other filmmakers spread across the world in search of a picture of Nothing. Because Nothing does not want to be a rhetoric of nothing, but exposition in the form of a ballad of what in the contemporary uninterrupted mosaic of images is a symptom of both violent and irreconcilable differences as well as constant unexpected sublime convergences. That’s why Nothing is above all in search of a voice, and finds one in the skilfully childish rhymes of the blues verse intoned specially for Mitić by Iggy Pop (who knows something about other-worldly incursions). Nothing is an agent provocateur, seen with suspicion, driven away, because from the top and the bottom of its lack of place it says about us exactly what we do not want to hear. In Praise of Nothing suggests entering the mosaic at whatever point we like, settling ourselves down not so comfortably to listen, and preparing to agree about nothing.

Lorenzo Esposito
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