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Randau: "A Mythical Character For A Universal Story"

Iceman - Piazza Grande

Randau: "A Mythical Character For A Universal Story"


Randau: "A Mythical Character For A Universal Story"


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Felix Randau, with Iceman you tackle one of the most ancient legends, dating back more than 5000 years. How did you prepare to tell the story of this man from Similaun?

Iceman, aka Ötzi, was a human being like you and me – that was the starting-point, some kind of pillar for this story. A universal story based on a mythical character. And the rest was just being honest to myself and a lot of work...


The historical reconstruction is based on a combination of spectacular images and an archaic language that goes hand in hand with the wilderness. What inspired that choice?

The director of photography Jakub Bejnarowicz and me did a lot of hiking in the Alps, so nature itself inspired us. Nature is a main character in this movie, and nature in our story is not lovely, it is indifferent.


Beyond re-exploring a myth, what meanings can an audience of today read in a primitive revenge tale such as this?

Mankind does not change – I'm really sure of that. So the story is not only about Ötzi, it’s about you and me and everybody else who once was or someday will be on this planet.


For the main role you chose an actor of Jürgen Vogel’s caliber. How was it working with him?

It was a blast! Without much talking he knew what this was all about. Jürgen was nothing less than a gift that came out of nowhere…

Lorenzo Buccella
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