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Jules et Jim, mais surtout Catherine

Il Locarno Festival omaggia a Jeanne Moreau

Jules et Jim, mais surtout Catherine



Locarno70 guests are numerous, very numerous, but if two young men named Jules and Jim ask to join, the only thing to do is to make room for two more seats. Three actually. Locarno Festival is proud to offer its audience an additional screening: Jules et Jim. A special screening, unexpected, which on the eve of Locarno70 – after the news broke of Jeanne Moreau’s death – became almost essential.

She was the beautiful Catherine, split between Jules (Oskar Werner) and Jim (Henri Serre), centre of a French-Austrian ménage à trois, wife of one and lover of both. Her performance as woman, female and destiny is undeniably one of the most powerful, “light,” and moving in movie history. Surely from that era of cinema, from that instant of rupture, of a torn veil by a neat cut.

Ironic and dramatic at the same time, sensual and naïve, anarchic and passionate. Jules et Jim is a wild card ruled by a pure cinematographic knowledge, which penetrates an existential crisis that will soon make history. Jules and Jim depict a friendship floating between art and poetry, stuck with passion and physicality. An everyday story which little by little grows into the future until reaching the end. Two, three, other two, three again, one. 

Based on the biographical novel by Henri-Pierre Roché, Jules et Jim does not only take inspiration from the written pages, but it also makes it its tool and logic, in which writing is will, desire and existence.

Jules et Jim, today, is the homage that Locarno Festival tributes to Jeanne Moreau, to her audience and to cinema. 

Jules et Jim (by François Truffaut, 1962) will be screened Thursday, August 10th at 6.30pm at Palexpo (FEVI) in Histoire(s) du cinéma: Omaggio Jeanne Moreau section.

Alessandro De Bon

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