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Ehy Mr. President

Namai Ba Rahis Gomhor (A Letter to the President) - Open Doors

Ehy Mr. President



Soraya is a public official who tries to enforce the law within the terrible situation of Afghanistan today. Her decision to save a young woman accused of adultery from the justice of a clan provokes a chain reaction, even in the family. Then things get worse when following an argument Soraya accidentally kills her husband, a violent man. She is thus arrested and condemned to death. Only the president can save her: she has written a long letter to him which appears to be lost; with the chance that it may be read too late... 

Namai Ba Rahis Gomhor (A Letter to the President) is a brave film, shot in extreme conditions, and tells a complex story that perfectly makes clear the idea of what Afghanistan is today, after 40 years of war and the advent of the Taliban. Despite the really ridiculous budget and the need to shoot very quickly, Namai Ba Rahis Gomhor is a film with a precise idea of cinema, as well as being a valuable testimony on a culture that is still based on tribal laws in total opposition to those of modern society, and in which women risk life every day. Even shooting movies.

Alessandro De Simone

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