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Highlights 9 | 8 | 2017

Highlights 9 | 8 | 2017



He is an icon of his country, who even when appearing in international productions is still able to embody the spirit of India. She is an actress who was banned by her country but who has never stopped representing its culture and speaking for the women of the world. The Song of Scorpions marks the meeting of Irrfan Khan and Golshifteh Farahani.


After the triptych of wonders that was CourgetteElleToni Erdmann, what’s next for Michel Merkt? A portrait of a producer who never stops surprizing.


A turn east with Qing Ting zhi yan (Dragonfly Eyes) and Edaha no koto (Sweating the Small Stuff). The first, a story told by a thousand voices, as many as the closed-circuit cameras that provided the material for a great love story; the second, focusing on the daily routine of a simple man, with the awareness that by staying so close to him, little by little the underlying currents of life will find a way to express themselves.


Lost and regained. Like time for Raúl Ruiz’s beloved Proust, so La telenovela errante, the director’s 121st film, emerges from the past, revealing a brilliance able to illuminate the present. The story of a film that is already a highlight of the 70th edition.


Running away and finding oneself. The past fading into the present and the present reflected into the past. On the one hand, a mother and a son in a forest crossed by gendarmes; on the other, Peter Weiss and his book, the escape from his family that becomes an odyssey. Filmus and Abschied von den Eltern offer two original cinematic experiences.

Carlo Chatrian

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