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Gli asteroidi

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Gli asteroidi


© Rosalba Sacco


We could start from Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, former frontman of the Italian band CCCP in the filmography of Germano Maccioni (Fedele alla linea, a documentary portrait of the artist released in 2013). Or maybe we can consider the Emilian echoes of Ligabue's cinematographic raids. Or it's probably because of the soundtrack by the Bolognese band Lo Stato Sociale. Anyway it's hard not to consider music as the horizon of Gli asteroidi. But if at the time of Francesco Guccini, he was singing about the dream of finding the way from Emilia to the West, today it got lost in the Milky Way, and the singing paranoia by the CCCP has eaten the future, while Planet Emilia was leaving its glorious socialist orbit to be overtaken by new dangerous gravitational fields. The empty factories have become cement canvas for the street artists, the trade unionist fights against the slot machines, the former cat burglars are in business with the mob and get high with amphetamine at the ballroom. Something already imagined by Gianni Celati and Pier Vittorio Tondelli in their novels that have a brand new ideal musical carpet made of the electronic of Offlaga Disco Pax and the nostalgic post-Padane lyrics of master Max Collini. It takes a new generation of dreamers and Maccioni shows a great sensibility for the transforming identity of an area, becoming rightfully part of the eminent essential filmography of Emilia Romagna. Maccioni finds perfect brave and lost faces to explain this land. It's not by chance that the only character about what we discover something of his childhood is Cosmic, the boy who in the 90s, believed (still) that he could fly on sheds, go-kart runs and motorway overpass.

Sergio Fant

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