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End Of The Match

Nazidanie – Fuori concorso

End Of The Match



It only takes one blade of grass, they say, to change the fate of a football match or a player. The imponderability of the roll, to the point of defending the sacred ball from the misdeeds of mortals on the field and off, concerns the very idea of point of view, that pure geometry of the eye that is football. It’s simple: you can’t see everything. Who knows if Zinedine Zidane was following this circuit of visiblility and invisiblility when he chose to take the penalty kick in the World Cup final against Italy with the crazy technique (that only geniuses can pull off: see Francesco Totti) of the cucchiaio (known outside the Italian-speaking world as the Panenka). Who knows if, for opposite reasons, he believed nobody was watching when during the same match he closed his career with a headbutt to the chest of Marco Materazzi. On the other hand, who knows if the Italian player saw in the adroitness of that suffered blow the possibility of redeeming his career from a long series of previously committed irregularities. Boris Yukhananov and Aleksandr Shein’s Nazidanie reformulates the events of that memorable night in an almost metaphysical way, an electric pursuit of the trajectories that led two lives come together in a single fatal destiny. If you think you know everything about that final, watching this film will show you that History is an illusion.

Lorenzo Esposito

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