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Networking Lunch sponsored by Eurimages (in the centre: Roberto Olla, Executive Director Eurimages)


Panel "Marketing at the Development Stage" with Mathias Noschis (Alphapanda)


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Alliance for Development’s concrete aim is to encourage early stage co-development and long-term organic cooperation between Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland.

Delegations of selected projects (director and producer) participate in Locarno Pro to present and discuss their projects in the context of a targeted program, structured in individual meetings with potential partners, plenary sessions, round tables, discussions and networking activities. Alliance for Development is a platform for French, German and Italian language film professionals to test their market potential and form creative and financial alliances for the early stages of film project development.

Locarno Pro has been hosting this annual initiative since 2015, with support from the Swiss Federal Office of Culture (FOC) / MEDIA Desk Suisse, MiBAC and the FFA.


Alliance for Development 2019

For the 2019 edition, four projects were selected among the beneficiaries of existing bilateral development funds between the Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo MiBACT (Italy), the Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA, Germany) and the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC, France). Three Swiss projects that requested development help through MEDIA Desk Suisse, and that are looking for German, French or Italian co-producers, also participated in the initiative.

  • Der Kämpfer by Juri Steinhart, produced by David Fonjallaz and Louis Mataré (Lomotion) - MEDIA Desk Suisse
  • L’Amour du Monde by Jenna Hasse, produced by Olivier Zobrist (Langfilm) - MEDIA Desk Suisse
  • Maoz by Tancredi Campello, produced by Chiara Campara (Ang Film) - co-producer: Flavia Daina Oertwig (Tama Filmproduktion) - MiBAC/FFA
  • Mit Geist und Feuer (working title) by Domenico Distilo, produced by Kai Ehlers (Moon Jar Film), co-producer: Marco Lo Curzio (Sciara) - FFA/MiBAC
  • Musik by Angela Schanelec, produced by Kirill Krasovski (Faktura Film), co-producer: François D’Artemare (Les Films de L’Après-Midi) - FFA/CNC
  • Red by Mara Manzolini and Andrea Pellerani, produced by Gabriella de Gara Bucciarelli (AMKA Films) - MEDIA Desk Suisse
  • Tredici Giovedì by Berardo Carboni, produced by Aurora Alma Bartiromo (Piroetta) - MiBAC/CNC


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