Alliance for Development

August 3-5, 2018

Project Consultations


One-to-One Meetings


Networking Lunch sponsored by Eurimages (in the centre: Roberto Olla, Executive Director Eurimages)


Panel "Marketing at the Development Stage" with Mathias Noschis (Alphapanda)


Lucas Rosant, Project Manager Alliance for Development


Katharina Retzlaff (FFA) and Nadia Dresti (Deputy Artistic Director and Head of International)


Magalie Armand (CNC)


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Alliance for Development’s concrete aim is to encourage early stage co-development and long-term organic cooperation between Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland.

Four projects are selected among the beneficiaries of existing bilateral development funds between the Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo MiBACT (Italy), the Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA, Germany) and the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC, France). Three Swiss projects that applied for development support through MEDIA compensatory measures, and that are looking for German, French or Italian co-producers, will also participate in the initiative.

Delegations of selected projects (director and producer) will participate in Locarno Pro to present and discuss their projects in the context of a targeted program, structured in individual meetings with potential partners, plenary sessions, round tables, discussions and networking activities. Alliance for Development is a platform for French, German and Italian language film professionals to test their market potential and form creative and financial alliances for the early stages of film project development.

As Switzerland is the natural partner of the countries above, it will host their annual meeting, with the support of the Federal Office of Culture (FOC, Switzerland), as part of the MEDIA compensatory measures, of the MiBACT and of the FFA.

The selected projects:

  • Au Sud by Lionel Baier, produced by Pauline Gygax and Max Karli (Bandita Films, Switzerland) – MEDIA Desk Suisse
  • Das Eselchen Grisella (based on the book by Heinrich Maria Denneborg) by Hüseyin Tabak, produced by Dorothe Beinemeier (Red Balloon Film, Germany) – Co-Producer: Philipp Kreuzer (Maze Pictures, Germany) – FFA/MiBACT
  • F wie Fittko by Loren D. Marsh, produced by Tobias Gaede (Zischlermann Filmproduktion, Germany) – FFA/CNC
  • L’Albero delle Orecchie by Shadi Adib, produced by Matteo Pecorara (Small Boss, Italy) – Co-Producers: Ken Anderson (Redkite Animation, UK), Fabian Driehorst (Fabian&Fred, Germany), Juan Carlos Concha (Apeman Studio, Spain) – MiBACT/FFA
  • Le Passeur by Kaveh Bakhtiari, produced by Tristan Aymon and Isabelle Zampiero (Terrain Vague, Switzerland) – MEDIA Desk Suisse
  • Lo chiamavano... Bud Spencer, produced by Giuseppe Pedersoli (Smile Production, Italy) – Co-Producers: Marcus Roth and Sven Burgermeister (Goldkind Filmproduktion, Germany) – MiBACT/FFA
  • Renaissance by Caterina Mona, produced by Michela Pini (Cinédokké, Switzerland) – MEDIA Desk Suisse

To request individual meetings with the project-holders, please contact

Project Manager: Thibaut Bracq,


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