2003 Cuba


The Festival del film Locarno launched the project entitled "Open Doors - World producers meet the world cinema" in 2003 in cooperation with the Swiss agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). As mentioned in the first Open Doors publication from 2003, its aim is to "promote those Cinema industries from South and East that are living a moment of crisis, but are worth to be helped and rediscovered".


Selected projects from Cuba

AGUA DULCE by Juan Carlos Zaldivar
EL BENNY by Jorge Luis Sanchez
ELLOS SON by Arturo Sotto
FORGIVE AND FORGET by Juan Carlos Zaldivar 
FRUTAS EN EL CAFE by Humberto Padron
LA AURORA (AT DAWN) by Daniel Diaz Torres
LOVING GILDA by Fernando Pérez Valdes
LISANKA by Daniel Diaz Torres
MADRIGAL by Fernando Pérez Valdes
NADA, NADIE Y NUNCA (Trilogy) by Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti
MAURICIO'S DIARY by Manuel Perez Paredes
OUTSIDE by Humberto Padron
PHIBIE by Juan Carlos Zaldivar
VIVA CUBA by Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti
VIOLETA by Juan Carlos Zaldivar


Argentinos Juniors (ARJ) - Selected projects from Argentina

AGUAS (working title: AGUAS ARGENTINAS) by Veronica Chen (Argentina, France)
EL CUSTODIO by Rodrigo Moreno (Argentina, France, Germany, Uruguay)
GEMINI by Albertina Carri (Argentina, France)
HABITACIONES VACIAS by Santiago Loza (Argentina, France)
LOS MUERTOS - aka SANGRE by Lisandro Alonso (Argentina, France)
LOS SUICIDAS by Juan Villegas (Argentina)
MIENTRAS TANTO by Diego Lerman (Argentina)
MONOBLOC by Luis Ortega (Argentina)
PARAPALOS by Ana Poliak (Argentina)
VIRGINAL by Ernesto Baca (Argentina

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