2009 Greater China

In love we trust
a film by Wang Xiaoshuai



In 2009, the Open Doors section was dedicated to Greater China.

Selected projects
ABERDEEN, by PANG Ho-Cheung (Hong Kong)
AN EVERLASTING DAY, by Wanmacaidan (Mainland China)
BLOODSHED, by GUAN Hu (Mainland China)
BUS N°8, by YANG Qing (Mainland China)
DON'T EXPECT PRAISES, by YANG Jin (Mainland China)
ELEVEN FLOWERS, by WANG Xiaoshuai (Hong Kong)
FATHER, by ZHANG Lu (Mainland China)
HELP, by LI Ying (Mainland China)
LITTLE WINGS, by Emily Tang (Hong Kong)
MR. TREE, by HAN Jie (Mainland China)
UFO IN HER EYES, by GUO Xiaolu (Mainland China)
WINTER VACATION, by LI Hongqi (Mainland China)


Award-winning projects

WO SHI YI (ELEVEN FLOWERS) by WANG Xiaoshuai, produced by Isabelle Glachant for Chinese Shadows (Hong Kong)
Open Doors Grant (for production): 50,000 Swiss Francs

GONG LU BA HAO (BUS No.8) directed and produced by YANG Qing (Mainland China)
Open Doors Grant (for development): 15,000 Swiss Francs

ZHAN MEI CONG MING (DON'T EXPECT PRAISES) by YANG Jin, produced by Helen Cui for Tianlin Film Production, Beijing (Mainland China)
Open Doors Grant (for development): 15,000 Swiss Francs

The Jury was composed by:

Vincenzo Bugno and Luciano Barisone for the Locarno Festival
Walter Ruggle and Martial Knaebel for the Swiss support fund for production visions sud est



FEED ME WITH YOUR WORDS by Martin Turk (Slovenia / Italy)
NATURE by Yula Gidron (Israel)
THE PASSION OF MICHELANGELO by Esteban Larrain (Chili)
THE REVENANT by Andreas Bolm (Germany)
UP ON THE ROOF by Rafael Kapelinski (Poland)

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