2010 Central Asia

In 2010 Open Doors was devoted to Central Asia.


Selected projects

ARAL by Ella Vakkasova (Uzbekistan)
BARZAGH by Saodat Ismailova (Uzbekistan)
BUZKASHI! by Najeeb Mirza (Tajikistan)
ENER by Bayram Abdullayev and Lora Stepanskaya (Turkmenistan)
GAULISH VILLAGE by Shukhrat Karimov (Uzbekistan)
HALOLA by Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov (Tajikistan)
HARMONY LESSONS by Emir Baigazin (Kazakhstan)
JOLBAKAN by Elnura Osmonalieva (Kirghizstan)
PRINCESS NAHZIK by Erkin Saliev (Kirghizstan)
SUNNY DAYS by Nariman Turebayev (Kazakhstan)
THE FIERCE HORSE RUSTLERS by Adilkhan Yerzhanov (Kazakhstan)
THE SINGING GRANNIES by Nurlan Asanbekov (Kirghizstan)


Award-Winning projects

SUNNY DAYS by Nariman Turebayev produced by Limara Zheksembayeva (Kazakhstan)

Open Doors Grant (for production): 50,000 Swiss Francs

ARAL by Ella Vakkasova (Uzbekistan)

CNC (Centre National du cinéma et de l'image animée) Grant for development: 7,000 Euro

BARZAGH by Saodat Ismailova (Uzbekistan)

ARTE Grant for development 6,000 Euro

The Jury was composed by:

Martina Malacrida and Joël Chapron for the Festival del film Locarno
Walter Ruggle and Martial Knaebel fo the Swiss support fund for production visions sud est
Annamaria Lodato and Remi Burah for ARTE



THE WEIGHT OF ELEPHANTS by Daniel Joseph Borgman (New Zeland)
AFTER LUCIA by Michel Franco (Mexico)
BONSAI by Christian Jiménez (Chile)
PROVIDENCE by Yael Kayam (Israel)
GENTE DE BIEN by Franco Lolli (Colombia)
DE JUEVES A DOMINGO by Dominga Sotomayor (Chile)

In addition, the 63rd Locarno Festival proudly presents in the Concorso internazionale (International Competition) a film whose project participated in the 2009 edition of Open Doors: HAN JIA (Winter Vacation) by Li Hongqi (China).

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