Anysay Keola


Anysay Keola



Director's Biography

Having bachelor degree in Multimedia System from Monash University, Australia and Master degree in Film, from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, in 2012, Anysay Keola wrote and directed At the Horizon, a feature film that was a great success for Lao cinema industry. The film has attained international recognition. Anysay Keola with other filmmakers founded Lao New Wave Cinema Productions, a company aiming to change the face of Lao cinema industry.


Selected Filmography

  • At the Horizon (Thriller Drama, 2012, 110’)
  • Vientiane In Love (Co-director, Omnibus, 2014, 105’)
  • Noy Above it All
  • (Drama, 96’, 2016)


Contact Details

+856 205 454 9988



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