Vannaphone Sitthirath

Producer - Lao New Wave Cinema Production (Laos)

Vannaphone Sitthirath



Production Company Profile

Established in 2011, Lao New Wave Cinema Productions is co-founded by a collective of young filmmakers. Our first aim is to change the face of the Lao movie industry. Our co-founders share the common passion to produce quality images and stories. We also offer our technical expertise and inside knowledge of Laos to help clients; be it documentaries, commercials, TV series, corporate videos, music videos or fiction.


Selected Filmography

  • At the Horizon by Anysay Keola (Thriller Drama, 2012, 110’)
  • Huk Aum Lum by Phanumad Disatha (Romantic Comedy, 2013, 120’)
  • Noy Above it All by Anysay Keola (Drama, 96’, 2016)


Contact Details

Lao New Wave Cinema Production (Laos)
+856 205 555 9290



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