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Ifa Isfansyah graduated from the Television Department of Indonesian Institute of Art Yogyakarta. He was selected for the Asian Film Academy Busan in 2006 and received a scholarship to attend the FiIm Kwon Taek College of Film & Performing Arts, Korea. With his production company, Fourcolours Films, he has produced Siti (Eddie Cahyono, Telluride 2015), Turah (Wicaksono Wisnu Legowo, Indonesian Official Entry for Oscar 2018), The Seen and Unseen (Kamila Andini, Toronto IFF 2017) and Memories Of My Body (Garin Nugroho, Venice Orizzonti 2018). He is also a founder and Festival Director of Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival and a founder of the Jogja Film Academy.


Production Company Profile

Fourcolours Films is an independent production company based in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, and founded by Director Eddie Cahyono and Producer/Director Ifa Is- fansyah. Since 2001, we have been actively producing films and directors with a strong artistic approach. The company started producing features since 2012 with Ifa Isfansyah’s production One Day When The Rain Falls. The company’s track record also include Siti by Eddie Cahyono (2014), Turah by Wicaksono Wisnu Legowo (2016), The Seen And Unseen by Kamila Andini (2017), Memories Of My Body by Garin Nugroho (2018). Fourcolors Films currently focuses on discovering new talent in Indonesia.


Selected Filmography

  • Siti by Eddie Cahyono (Fiction, 88’, 2014)
  • The Seen and The Unseen by Kamila Andini (Fiction, 86’, 2017)
  • Memories Of My Body by Garin Nugroho (Fiction, 104’, 2018)


Line up

  • Abracadabra by Faozan Rizal (Fiction, 86’, 2019)
  • Yuni by Kamila Andini (Fiction, 90’, 2019)
  • Imah by Eddie Cahyono (Fiction, 100’, 2020)


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