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Originally from Moulmein in the Mon State of Myanmar, Khin Warso studied Journalism at National Management College. After working as a reporter for an IT journal in Yangon, Khin joined the Yangon Film School in 2014, the place that inspired her to keep telling stories through filmmaking. Filmmaking for her is a career but also a way of life. For the last 3 years, she has been focusing on film production, in the capacity of creative producer. She is the winner of the Myanmar Script Fund Award 2018.


Production Company Profile

As a freelance producer, Khin Warso started developing feature-length projects such as She called it Freedom (producer), Mangoes are Tasty (as co-producer); she still supports short films, including Painting by Tin Win Naing (producer). Khin Warso mostly works with first time directors and crews. She has learned film producing on the field and prefers growing together through filmmaking. For Khin Warso, attending Open Doors Lab is a unique opportunity to strengthen her skills as creative producer, to be introduced to the international market and develop foreign contacts as well as getting inspiration on how to pursue her journey as a producer in Myanmar.


Selected Filmography

  • Book Lover by Nay Lin Htun (Short Film, 16’, 2016)
  • Scarecrow by film buffs (Short experimental film, 23’, 2018)


Line up

  • She Called it Freedom story and developed by Myat Minn Khant (family, politic and drama, 90’, 2021)
  • Mangoes are Tasty story and development by Sai Naw Kham (90’, 2020)
  • Painting (Working Title) story and development by Tin Win Naing (Short experimental film, 18’, 2021)


Contact Details
+95 940 158 64 11

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