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Le Quynh Anh is a producer and filmmaker based in Hanoi, Vietnam. She graduated from Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema, majoring in Film Directing. She is an alumni of Fantastic Film School 2018, Film Leaders Incubator 2017 and an artist of “Things that remember”, an international site-specific art shows since 2016. Currently, she is producing both short and feature film projects under the Hanoi Doclab banner, including her own debut feature. At Open Doors Lab, her goal is to deepen her potential as producer through improving her skills, expanding her professional network and finding international partnership to promote Vietnamese experimental cinema in the film festival circuit.


Production Company Profile

Founded by Nguyen Trinh Thi in 2009, Hanoi Doclab is a small center for big ideas in documentary and experimental films and video art. Since then, Hanoi Doclab has helped cultivate a new generation of Vietnamese independent filmmakers and media artists while nurturing local audience with a more critical awareness of different film practice. With the award-winning line up and the unrivalled reputation in local film industry for producing experimental and creative documentaries, Doclab is hoping to produce more diversified content, to open boundaries and reach out of the limitation of genres.


Selected Filmography

  • Eleven Men by Nguyen Trinh Thi (Experimental, Short, 28’, 2016)
  • The Future Cries Beneath Our Soil by Pham Thu Hang (Documentary, 95’, 2018)
  • The Story Of Ones by Pham Ngoc Lan (Experimental, Short, 9’, 2011)


Line up

  • Yesterday, My Mother by Le Quynh Anh (Fiction, Short, 25’, 2019)
  • A Love Story Of Hanoi by Trinh Quang Minh (Drama, Comedy, 100’, 2020)
  • The Girl In The Doorway by Le Quynh Anh (Drama, Black Comedy, Absurd, 75’, 2021)


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