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With the physical event of Locarno73 cancelled, the Festival is temporarily reinventing itself by launching Locarno 2020 – For the Future of Films.

All details available in our official FAQs

Locarno Pro is the landmark for film industry professionals attending Locarno Film Festival. Gathering under its wings the different initiatives and services that professionals have been accessing in the last years, it aims to further enhance and deepen connections between the diverse figures circulating around films in the Festival.

Locarno Pro plays an active, 360° role in the support of auteur films: whether launching a new project or extending and optimizing existing services and initiatives, the goal is always to support sales agents, distributors, exhibitors, producers and filmmakers in their respective tasks ranging from the conception to the release of independent art-house cinema in different areas of the world.

In a year when it will not be possible for it to be the international film industry’s summer focal point, Locarno Pro will nevertheless be a virtual territory of meetings, exchanges and growth for auteur film professionals. From 5 to 11 August, Locarno Pro will propose four events or initiatives to accompany the industry to examine in depth an undoubtedly difficult year, yet seeking to develop ideas and proposals as a collective to continue working towards the future, walking in the same direction in which Locarno 2020 – For the Future of Films is pointing.


Initiatives and Projects of the 2020 Edition:  

  • Open Doors: spotlighting emerging talents from countries in the South and the East through 3 activities: the co-production platform Open Doors Hub, the producers’ Lab and the Open Doors Screenings.
    Open Doors' next edition will focus on South East Asia and Mongolia.
  • StepIn: An interdisciplinary think tank for Industry professionals to discuss international distribution challenges and solutions.
  • Heritage Online: A digitally based service to extendthe outreach and distributionof Heritage films through Video on Demand.
  • SwissBiz: An online conversation focusing on current issues of distribution and exhibition in Switzerland.


Our initiatives First Look, Match Me!, Alliance for Development, U30 and the Industry Academy will not take place in 2020. We hope they'll come back in their traditional shape in 2021!


Locarno Pro Team

Valentina Merli
Head of Locarno Pro

Sophie Bourdon
Deputy Head of Locarno Pro
Head of Open Doors

Nadia Dresti
International Advisor

Sarah Schiesser
Locarno Pro Manager
Deputy Head of Open Doors

Daria Voumard
Locarno Pro Coordinator

Clara Kiskanc
Open Doors Junior Community & Activities Manager

Marion Klotz
Industry Academy International Project Manager

Markus Duffner
Heritage Online, First Look & Match Me! Project Manager

Marcello Paolillo
StepIn Project Manager

Paolo Bertolin
Open Doors Consultant 

Hayet Benkara
Open Doors Lab Head of Studies

Maya Barenstein
Heritage Online Assistant

Alan Quaglieri
Open Doors Assistant


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