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ID Company Country Name Department Role
ID Company Country Name Department Role
686786 Company:185 Films Thailand Name:Cattleya Paosrijaroen Department:Production Role:Producer
1115555 Company:34 Filmes Brazil Name:Cibele Amaral Department:Production, Technical industry Role:Founder, Producer
1105327 Company:34 Filmes Brazil Name:Patrick De Jongh Department:Production Role:Producer
1115556 Company:34 Filmes Brazil Name:Patrick Martins Department:Production, Technical industry Role:Executive Producer
1131176 Company:43e Parallèle Productions France Name:Emmanuelle Felce Department:Production Role:Producer
706698 Company:8horses Switzerland Name:Aurelius Eisenreich Department:Production Role:Producer
84939 Company:8horses Switzerland Name:Nicolo Settegrana Department:Production Role:Producer
873308 Company:A Bale Pictures, Inc. USA Name:Giacun Caduff Department:Production Role:Producer
1115306 Company:A Perte de Vue France Name:Colette Quesson Department:Production Role:Producer
551537 Company:A-One Films Estonia Estonia Name:Tiina Teras Department:Distribution Role:Acquisitions and Distribution Consultant
957056 Company:A-Z Films Canada Name:Antoine Zeind Department:Distribution Role:President
1110759 Company:Aand Company Singapore Name:Ling Tiong Department:Production Role:Producer
40130 Company:AB Svensk Filmindustri / SF Studios Sweden Name:Robert Enmark Department:Distribution, Production Role:Head of Acquisitions
1111705 Company:Abano Producións Spain Name:Chelo Loureiro Department:Production Role:Producer
1084860 Company:Above the Line GmbH Germany Name:Sigrid Narjes Department:Talent Agency Role:Managing Director and Agent
131991 Company:Acrobates Films France Name:Claire Lajoumard Department:Production Role:Producer
1094056 Company:Activist38 Ltd. Bulgaria Name:Mina Mileva Department:Production Role:Producer
1094058 Company:Activist38 Ltd. Bulgaria Name:Vesela Kazakova Department:Production Role:Producer
1084868 Company:Actors in Scandinavia Finland Name:Laura Munsterhjlem Department:Talent Agency Role:Agent
704251 Company:Acéphale Canada Name:Mustafa Uzuner Department:Distribution, Production Role:President
8038 Company:Adavi Productions Switzerland Name:Philippe Souaille Department:Production Role:Producer
81805 Company:Admeira Switzerland Name:Marco Migliorati Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Partner & Product Manager Svizzera Italiana
889639 Company:Adok Films Switzerland Name:Emilie Moor Department:Distribution, Production Role:Distributor, Producer
1183 Company:AFC -Austrian Films Austria Name:Martin Schweighofer Department:Institution, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Director
507752 Company:Against Gravity Poland Name:Artur Liebhart Department:Distribution, Festival Role:CEO
323088 Company:AgatheBermanStudio France Name:Agathe Berman Department:Development / Training, Production Role:Producer
851975 Company:Agora Films Switzerland Name:Judith Repond Department:Distribution, Theatrical distribution Role:Acquisitions
6539 Company:Agora Films Switzerland Name:Laurent Dutoit Department:Distribution Role:CEO
865263 Company:Akanga Film Asia Singapore Name:Fran Borgia Department:Production Role:Producer
188177 Company:Akka Films Switzerland Name:Palmyre Badinier Department:Production Role:Producer
1133459 Company:Alambique Portugal Name:Nuno Gonçalves Department:Distribution Role:Marketing & Acquisitions Assistant
14845 Company:Alba Produzioni Italy Name:Rosanna Seregni Department:Production Role:Producer, Head of International Coproduction
149263 Company:Alina Film Switzerland Name:David Epiney Department:Production Role:Producer
156858 Company:Alina Film Switzerland Name:Eugenia Mumenthaler Department:Production Role:Producer
572 Company:Alliance Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. India Name:Sunil Doshi Department:Distribution Role:Founder, CEO
1135596 Company:Alliance Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. India Name:Vishal Gala Department:Distribution, Production Role:Buyer
322809 Company:Alpha Violet France Name:Virginie Devesa Department:World Sales Role:CEO, Sales & Acquisition
887701 Company:Alpha Violet Production France Name:Jean-Baptiste Bailly-Maître Department:Production Role:CEO
151505 Company:Alphapanda Germany Name:Mathias Noschis Department:Industry Services, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Film Marketing Strategist
37917 Company:Altitude Film United Kingdom Name:Mike Runagall Department:World Sales Role:Managing Director, International Sales
1029793 Company:American Film Institute USA Name:Malin Kan Department:Festival Role:Programming Manager
50956 Company:Amka Films Productions SA Switzerland Name:Tiziana Soudani Department:Production Role:Producer
749284 Company:Amt für Kultur Kanton St.Gallen Switzerland Name:Ursula Badrutt Department:Film Fund, Institution Role:Head of Cultural Promotion
1069508 Company:AN NAM PRODUCTIONS Vietnam Name:Thi Bich Ngoc Tran Department:Production Role:Producer
315667 Company:Andana Films France Name:Stephan Riguet Department:World Sales Role:Sales Agent
1114903 Company:Ang film Italy Name:Chiara Campara Department:Production Role:Producer
1114898 Company:Ang film Italy Name:Tancredi Campello Department:Development / Training, Production Role:Head of Projects Development
1123407 Company:Angka Fortuna Sinema Indonesia Name:Edwin Nazir Department:Production Role:Producer
89946 Company:Anima Farm Switzerland Name:Gaston Dupuy Department:Production, Technical industry Role:Producer
1082206 Company:Animal (Cine Animal, S.A.) Panama Name:Tomas Cortes-Rosselot Department:Development / Training, Festival, Production Role:Co-founder
819403 Company:Anti-Archive Cambodia Name:Davy Chou Department:Production Role:Producer
1108382 Company:Anticipate Pictures Pte. Ltd. Singapore Name:Vincent Quek Department:Distribution Role:CEO
167996 Company:AP Manana Poland Name:Piotr Kobus Department:Distribution, Production Role:President
1046854 Company:Ape&Bjørn Norway Name:Verona Meier Department:Production Role:Producer
895122 Company:Apparat Malaysia Name:Nandita Solomon Department:Production Role:Producer
45762 Company:Apulia Film Forum / Apulia Film Commission Italy Name:Alberto La Monica Department:Festival, Film Fund, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Director
896107 Company:Apéro Film Switzerland Name:Patrick Karpiczenko Department: Role:Producer
1124208 Company:Arch Production Italy Name:Igor Prinčič Department:Production, VoD Platform, World Sales Role:Producer
4352 Company:Arsenal Filmverleih GmbH Germany Name:Stefan Paul Department:Distribution, Production Role:CEO
716857 Company:Arsenal Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V. Germany Name:Birgit Kohler Department:Exhibitor, Festival, Institution Role:Co-Director
262444 Company:Art House Films France Name:Eric Le Bot Department:Distribution, Production Role:Director
168016 Company:Art of Panic Italy Name:Marcello Paolillo Department:Production Role:Co-founder
938376 Company:Artcam Films Czech Republic Name:Ales Stuchly Department:Distribution, Production Role:Acquisition Manager
8588 Company:ARTE France France Name:Hélène Vayssières Department:TV Distribution Role:Head Short Films
1106689 Company:Arthouse Asia Film Festival India Name:Shapath Das Department:Festival Role:Festival Director
1110187 Company:ArtHouse Cinematheque Canada Name:Marjan Alizadeh Department:Production Role:Managing Director
7016 Company:Arturo prod. Switzerland Name:Tiziana Conte Department:Festival, Production Role:Project Manager
749015 Company:AS Fidalgo Films Norway Name:Fernanda Renno Department:Distribution, Production Role:Head of Distribution, Producer
864415 Company:Aspect Ratio USA Name:Jordan Mattos Department:Distribution Role:Director of Distribution
734864 Company:Assemble Media USA Name:Scott Veltri Department:Production Role:President of Production and Development
493856 Company:Association AV Switzerland Name:Philippe Maeder Department:Production Role:Producer
1065613 Company:Association Ciné-Doc Switzerland Name:BOLOMEY Gwennael Department:Distribution, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Director
153302 Company:Association Cinélux Switzerland Name:Mattia Giannone Department:Exhibitor Role:Film Programmer
560827 Company:Association Films Plans-Fixes Switzerland Name:Alexandre Mejenski Department:Production Role:Producer
906042 Company:Associazione La Fournaise Italy Name:Raffaele Rezzonico Department:Production Role:Producer
339494 Company:Atlas Workshops - Marrakech IFF Morocco Name:Thibaut Bracq Department:Festival Role:Open Doors Extended Coordinator
1134301 (GmbH) Switzerland Name:Yvonne Maurer Department:Production Role:Director auftanken.TV
957517 Company:Augenschein Filmproduktion GmbH Germany Name:Jonas Katzenstein Department:Production Role:Producer
1111046 Company:Augenschein Filmproduktion GmbH Germany Name:Maximilian Leo Department:Production Role:Producer
13361 Company:AURA Film Switzerland Name:Milena Stokar Department:Production Role:Junior Producer
764020 Company:AVA media GmbH Switzerland Name:Roger Holenstein Department:Industry Services, Production Role:Owner, CEO, Producer
3472 Company:AVA Scheiner AG Switzerland Name:Peter Scheiner Department:Production Role:Co-Owner
16226 Company:AVA Scheiner AG Switzerland Name:Susanne Scheiner-Seifert Department:Production Role:Co-Director
1116655 Company:BAC Films France Name:Thibault Drugy Department:Buyer, Distribution, Production, Role:Executive Assistant
971133 Company:Backpack Pictures Switzerland Name:Damien Mazza Department:Production Role:Producer
1132918 Company:Backpack Pictures Switzerland Name:Vincenzo Aiello Department:Production Role:Producer, Director
839458 Company:Bande à part Films Switzerland Name:Gaspard Vignon Department:Production Role:Assistant Production
2047 Company:Bande à part Films Switzerland Name:Lionel Baier Department:Production Role:Producer
190619 Company:Bande à part Films Switzerland Name:Marie-Lou Pahud Department:Production Role:Executive Producer
1029964 Company:Bankside Films United Kingdom Name:Michael Graf Department:Production, World Sales Role:Acquisitions and Development Manager
716433 Company:Barentsfilm Norway Name:Ingrid Lill Hogtun Department:Production Role:Producer
1291 Company:Base-court Switzerland Name:Philippe Clivaz Department:Festival Role:President
263038 Company:Batumi International Art House Film Festival (BIAFF) Georgia Name:Andrzej Slowicki Department:Festival Role:Programmer
27558 Company:Beauvoir Films Switzerland Name:Adrian Blaser Department:Production Role:Producer
1110764 Company:Before My Eyes Poland Name:Magdalena Sztorc Department:Production Role:Producer
1490 Company:Berlin International Film Festival Germany Name:Carlo Chatrian Department:Festival Role:Artistic Director
294123 Company:Berlin International Film Festival Germany Name:Florian Weghorn Department:Festival Role:Programme Manager Berlinale Talents
660252 Company:Berlin International Film Festival Germany Name:Lorenzo Esposito Department:Festival Role:Programmer
289280 Company:Berlin International Film Festival Germany Name:Mark Peranson Department:Festival Role:Head of Programming
6133 Company:Berlinale - World Cinema Fund Germany Name:Vincenzo Bugno Department:Festival Role:Head of the Project - Berlinale World Cinema Fund
1090805 Company:Best Friend Forever Belgium Name:Charles Bin Department:World Sales Role:Co-Founder
754468 Company:Best Friend Forever Belgium Name:Martin Gondre Department:World Sales Role:Co-Founder, Head of Sales
12865 Company:Beta Cinema GmbH Germany Name:Thorsten Ritter Department:Production, World Sales Role:Executive Vice President Acquisitions & Sales
260090 Company:Big Sur Film Switzerland Name:Valentin Rotelli Department:Production Role:Producer
1114378 Company:Bilboke Serbia Name:Marija Stojnic Department:Production Role:Producer
642442 Company:Black Movie Festival Switzerland Name:Victor Teta Department:Festival Role:Film Programmer
789563 Company:Blickpunkt film Germany Name:Barbara Schuster Department:Industry Trade Press Role:CEO
38052 Company:Blickpunkt film Germany Name:Thomas Schultze Department:Industry Trade Press Role:CEO
102878 Company:Bob Berney USA Name:Bob Berney Department:Distribution Role:Marketing & Distribution Executive
824172 Company:Bocalupo Films France Name:Jasmina Sijercic Department:Production Role:Producer
527533 Company:Bombay Berlin Film Productions India Name:Arfi Lamba Department:Production Role:CEO
1121028 Company:Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center Cambodia Name:Piseth Tieng Department:Institution, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Head of Administration
42851 Company:Bord Cadre Films Switzerland Name:Dan Weschler Department:Production Role:Producer
193327 Company:Box Productions Switzerland Name:Christelle Michel Department:Production Role:Line Producer
8898 Company:Box Productions Switzerland Name:Elodie Brunner Department:Distribution, Production Role:Producer
42400 Company:Braunschweig International Filmfestival Germany Name:Marit Vahjen Department:Festival Role:Programmer
1065637 Company:British Council United Kingdom Name:Rowan Woods Department:Institution, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Film Programme Manager
128147 Company:Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente Argentina Name:Javier Porta Fouz Department:Festival Role:Artistic Director
887102 Company:Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente (BAFICI) Argentina Name:Magdalena Arau Department:Festival Role:Programmer
1108713 Company:Buenos Aires Film Museum Argentina Name:Lucía Ciruelos Rodríguez Department:Technical industry Role:Film Preservation Assistant
45638 Company:Bunkerville Switzerland Name:Samir Samperisi Department:Production, Technical industry Role:Editor
685780 Company:Burn the Film USA Name:Shengze Zhu Department:Production Role:Producer
1113935 Company:Busan Asian Film School South Korea Name:Joyce Heeyoung Cho Department:Film School, Institution Role:Professor & Dean
789 Company:Bärbel Mauch Film Germany Name:Bärbel Mauch Department:Development / Training, Production Role:Managing Director
9126 Company:C-Films AG Switzerland Name:Anne Walser Department:Production Role:Producer
1105757 Company:C-Films AG Switzerland Name:Helena Linsener Department:Production Role:Assistant to Producer
939 Company:C-Films AG Switzerland Name:Peter Reichenbach Department:Production Role:Producer
545733 Company:C-Side Productions Switzerland Name:Benjamin Poumey Department:Production Role:Producer
1108306 Company:CAB Productions Switzerland Name:Fiona Gobbo Department:Production Role:Production Assistant
574766 Company:CAB Productions Switzerland Name:Giovanni Piscitelli Department:Production Role:Producer
354 Company:CAB Productions Switzerland Name:Jean-Louis Porchet Department:Production Role:Producer
1065426 Company:Cambodia Film Commission Cambodia Name:Cedric Eloy Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:International Advisor
1108180 Company:Campo Cerrado Produções Brazil Name:Cássio Pereira dos Santos Department:Production Role:Producer
1125990 Company:Campo Cine Argentina Name:Nicolás Avruj Department:Production Role:Producer
575612 Company:Capelight Pictures Germany Name:Steffen Gerlach Department:Distribution, VoD Platform Role:CEO
1109534 Company:Caracol Protagonista Portugal Name:Joana Domingues Department:Production Role:Producer
692851 Company:Castellinaria - International Young Film Festival Switzerland Name:Agnese Làposi Department:Festival Role:Programmer
835482 Company:Castellinaria - International Young Film Festival Switzerland Name:Anna Domenigoni Department:Festival Role:Project Coordinator and Programmer
624190 Company:CatchPlay Taiwan Name:Jimmy Yang Department:Distribution, Production Role:General Manager
1117139 Company:Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos (CUEC) Mexico Name:Miguel Ángel Sánchez M. Department:Production Role:Producer
154737 Company:Cercamon United Arab Emirates Name:Karina Korenblum Department:World Sales Role:Head of Acquisitions & Sales
14099 Company:Charades France Name:Carole Baraton Department:Production, World Sales Role:Co-founder
1127371 Company:Charades France Name:Jonas Benhaiem Department:World Sales Role:Head of Acquisitions
9978 Company:Chinese Shadows Hong Kong Name:Isabelle Glachant Department:Production, World Sales Role:Producer
890418 Company:Cine Festival Pays De Fayence France Name:Jean-Claude Gelle Department:Festival Role:Executive Director
116090 Company:Cine+ France Name:Bruno Deloye Department:TV Distribution Role:Director
44257 Company:Cine-Sud Promotion France Name:Thierry Lenouvel Department:Production Role:Producer
16602 Company:Cinefil Co Ltd. Hungary Name:Peter Bognar Department:Distribution, VoD Platform Role:CEO
686773 Company:Cinegrell GmbH Switzerland Name:Nicole Tatjana Allemann Department:Technical industry Role:Head of Restoration & Lab
692156 Company:Cinegrell GmbH Switzerland Name:Richard Grell Department:Technical industry Role:CEO
753625 Company:Cinelab Romania Romania Name:Cornelia Popa Department:Industry Services, Technical industry Role:Manager, Producer
1133476 Company:Cinema Delicatessen Netherlands Name:Arnout van der Maas Department:Distribution, Production Role:Sales, Marketing and Production
1133473 Company:Cinema Distribution Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Name:Samira Asgarova Department:Distribution Role:Distributor
209210 Company:Cinema do Brasil Brazil Name:André Sturm Department:Institution, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Consultant
1108004 Company:Cinema Galeries Belgium Name:Hermelinde Grondard Department:Distribution, Festival Role:Theatre Supervisor
1117246 Company:Cinema Iranica Iran Name:Mohammad Ghane Fard Department:Production Role:Producer
936334 Company:CinemaNext Switzerland Name:Olivier Douet Department:Technical industry Role:Managing Director
131482 Company:Cinemania Group Slovenia Name:Sreten Zivojinovic Department:Distribution, TV Distribution Role:General Manager
1082115 Company:Cinemateca de Bogotà Colombia Name:Andrés Jiménez Suárez Department:Distribution, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Programming Assistant
588223 Company:Cinemaven USA Name:Tom Davia Department:Production, World Sales Role:CEO
13661 Company:Cinepur Film Promotion Germany Name:Hermann Barth Department:Development / Training Role:Director
16287 Company:Cinetic Marketing USA Name:Ryan Werner Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:Senior Executive
1080882 Company:Cinetren Argentina Name:Jazmin Monzon Department:Distribution, Production Role:Distributor
965436 Company:Cineuropa Belgium Name:Vassilis Economou Department:Industry Trade Press, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:PR, Senior Writer
13180 Company:Cineworx GmbH Switzerland Name:Pascal Trächslin Department:Distribution, Production Role:Managing Director
78893 Company:Cineworx GmbH Switzerland Name:Stefanie Kuchler Department:Distribution Role:Head of Distribution
28850 Company:Cinédokké Switzerland Name:Michela Pini Department:Production Role:Producer
1331 Company:Cinéfondation France Name:Georges Goldenstern Department:Development / Training, Institution Role:Director
26863 Company:Cinéforom - Fondation romande pour le cinéma Switzerland Name:Geneviève Rossier Department:Film Fund Role:Distribution Manager
469 Company:Cinéforom - Fondation romande pour le cinéma Switzerland Name:Gérard Ruey Department:Film Fund Role:General Secretary
752238 Company:Cinéforom - Fondation romande pour le cinéma Switzerland Name:Jacques-André Maire Department:Film Fund Role:President
260402 Company:Cinéforom - Fondation romande pour le cinéma Switzerland Name:Laurent Kempf Department:Film Fund Role:Head of Innovation Support
583675 Company:Cinéforom - Fondation romande pour le cinéma Switzerland Name:Patrice Neuenschwander Department:Film Fund Role:Foundation Council Member
5473 Company:Cinéforom - Fondation romande pour le cinéma Switzerland Name:Patrizia Pesko Department:Film Fund Role:Deputy Secretary General, Head of Selective and Automatic Support
764666 Company:Cinéforom - Fondation romande pour le cinéma Switzerland Name:Pierre-Alain Hug Department:Film Fund Role:Foundation Council Member
287 Company:Cinélibre Switzerland Name:Robert Richter Department:Distribution, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Managing Director
129077 Company:Cinéma Copain Switzerland Name:Marcel Ramsay Department:Industry Services, Production Role:Trailer Producer
826492 Company:Cinéma Copain Switzerland Name:Sara Ramsay Department:Industry Services, Production Role:Owner
1130247 Company:Cinéma Defacto France Name:Pierrick Baudouin Department:Production Role:Production Coordinator
630895 Company:Cinéma Spoutnik Switzerland Name:Alice Riva Department:Exhibitor Role:Programmer
6329 Company:Cinémathèque Suisse Switzerland Name:Chicca Bergonzi Department:Exhibitor, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Deputy Director, Head of Programming
697953 Company:Cinémathèque Suisse Switzerland Name:Frédéric Maire Department:Exhibitor, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Director
630899 Company:Cinésuisse Switzerland Name:Salome Horber Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Managing Director
4679 Company:Cisa (Conservatorio Int. Scienze Audiovisive) Switzerland Name:Domenico Lucchini Department:Development / Training Role:Director
1565 Company:Climage Switzerland Name:Stéphane Goël Department:Production Role:Producer
1122532 Company:Climax Films Belgium Name:Caroline Houben Department:Production Role:Producer
637013 Company:Close Up Films Switzerland Name:Flavia Zanon Department:Production Role:Producer
78196 Company:Close Up Films Switzerland Name:Joëlle Bertossa Department:Production Role:Producer
1080660 Company:CNC France Name:Mathieu Fournet Department:Institution Role:Director International Affairs
1127266 Company:Coccinelle Film Italy Name:Francesca Breccia Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:Founder, Sales & Acquisitions
1127272 Company:Coccinelle Film Italy Name:Raffaella Pontarelli Department:World Sales Role:Head of Sales & Acquisitions
151283 Company:Cocoon Productions Switzerland Name:Simone Späni Department:Production Role:Producer
700817 Company:Color Grade Switzerland Name:Jean-Baptiste Perrin Department:Technical industry Role:Colorist
757386 Company:Condor Distribution France Name:Alexis Mas Department:Distribution Role:Managing Director
218539 Company:Connecting Cottbus Germany Name:Marjorie Bendeck Department:Development / Training Role:Film & Script Consultant, Coproduction Market Director
557229 Company:Contact Film Netherlands Name:Nick Muijs Department:Distribution Role:Distribution Buyer
705248 Company:Contrast Film Bern GmbH Switzerland Name:Stefan Eichenberger Department:Production Role:Producer
839519 Company:COUPDOEIL productions GmbH Switzerland Name:Philipp Eyer Department:Production Role:Producer
1133117 Company:COUPDOEIL productions GmbH Switzerland Name:Sivan Dagan Department:Production Role:Producer
1028155 Company:Courtisane Belgium Name:Stoffel Debuysere Department:Festival Role:Head of Program
674086 Company:Creative Artists Agency USA Name:Maren Olson Department:Talent Agency Role:Agent
1099166 Company:Ctrl. Alt. Shift South Africa Name:Mitchell Harper Department:Development / Training, Production Role:Program Manager & Curator
1065428 Company:Curzon United Kingdom Name:Caitlin Smith Department:Distribution Role:Acquisitions & Distribution Executive
969828 Company:Curzon United Kingdom Name:Edward Frost Department:Distribution Role:Theatrical Marketing Executive
638485 Company:CZAR Film Switzerland Name:Philippe Favre Department:Production Role:Producer
867604 Company:D1film Czech Republic Name:Vit Janecek Department:Development / Training, Production Role:Producer
822820 Company:Dalton Distribution (Fonk vzw) Belgium Name:Johan Van Schaeren Department:Distribution Role:General Coordinator, Programmer
1114409 Company:Dandy Projects SRL Italy Name:Simona Pelliccioli Department:Production Role:Producer
768207 Company:DCM Film Distribution GmbH Switzerland Name:Stephan Henz Department:Distribution Role:Junior Marketing & Communications Manager
685918 Company:DCM Film Distribution GmbH Switzerland Name:Stephanie Candinas Department:Distribution Role:Managing Director
72143 Company:De Filmfreak Netherlands Name:Kamiel Van der Ster Department:Distribution Role:Managing Director
953853 Company:Devenky Films India Name:Ramesh Thummala Department:Production Role:Producer
12493 Company:Diaphana France Name:Karin Beyens Department:Distribution Role:Head of Acquisitions
1084895 Company:Directorate General Cinema Italy Name:Mario Turetta Department:Film Fund Role:Managing Director Cinema
957660 Company:dispàrte Italy Name:Alessandro Amato Department:Production Role:CEO & Producer
1127496 Company:dispàrte Italy Name:Chiara Cruciatti Department:Production Role:Content and Development
958225 Company:dispàrte Italy Name:Luigi Chimienti Department:Production Role:Producer
1127497 Company:dispàrte Italy Name:Martina Lovascio Department:Production Role:Partner
1110812 Company:Diversion cinema France Name:Agata Di Tommaso Department:Distribution Role:Festival Manager
474210 Company:Diversion cinema France Name:Camille Lopato Department:Distribution Role:Founder
684394 Company:Doc & Film International France Name:Clémence Lavigne Department:World Sales Role:Int. Sales & Acquisitions Manager
1080896 Company:Doc & Rio Festivals Brazil Name:Reinel Garcia Pérez Department:Distribution Role:Managing Director
364 Company:Doc Productions GmbH Switzerland Name:Rose-Marie Schneider Department:Production Role:Producer
768219 Company:Doc Service Factory Italy Name:Paolo Luigi De Cesare Department:Industry Services, Production Role:Project Manager
674279 Company:Doclisboa - International Film Festival Portugal Name:Cíntia Gil Department:Festival Role:Festival Director
1111706 Company:Doctela Brazil Name:Camila Kater Department:Director, Production Role:Producer
1115375 Company:Doctela Brazil Name:Livia Perez Department:Production Role:Producer
124711 Company:Dogwoof United Kingdom Name:Andy Whittaker Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:Founder
1129672 Company:DokLab Ltd. Switzerland Name:Corinna Dästner Department:Production Role:Producer
342225 Company:Dolce Mare, LLC USA Name:Julie Oxendale Department:Production Role:Executive Producer
887870 Company:Dolce Vita Films France Name:Claire Chassagne Department:Production Role:Producer
925194 Company:Done Film Production Myanmar Name:Khin Warso Department:Development / Training, Production Role:Producer
1121828 Company:Dromos Films United Kingdom Name:Anthony Paraskeva Department:Production Role:Producer
4995 Company:Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion Switzerland Name:Werner Schweizer Department:Production Role:Producer
1831 Company:DW France Name:Dominique Welinski Department:Production Role:CEO
562609 Company:ECAL Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne Switzerland Name:Jean Guillaume Sonnier Department:Production Role:Producer, Distributor
1108050 Company:Ecce Films France Name:Mathilde Delaunay Department:Production Role:Producer
8525 Company:Education21 - Films for One World Switzerland Name:Dorothea Lanz Department:Institution Role:Project Manager
1115950 Company:Either/Or Productions Greece Name:Fani Skartouli Department:Production Role:Producer
1111763 Company:EL Films France Name:Emmanuelle Latourrette Department:Production Role:Producer
888932 Company:El Sur Films Spain Name:Javier Garcia Puerto Department:Distribution Role:Distributor
630886 Company:Electric Eel Films Thailand Name:Anocha Suwichakornpong Department:Production Role:Director
1131703 Company:Electric Eel Films Thailand Name:Paul Charbonneau Department:Production Role:Managing Director
394405 Switzerland Name:Walter Hügli Department:Film Fund Role:Founder
915972 Company:Elefant Films Switzerland Name:Alexandre Iordachescu Department:Production Role:Managing Director
1113107 Company:Elemag Pictures GmbH Germany Name:Tanja Georgieva-Waldhauer Department:Production Role:Producer
1028979 Company:ELF Pictures Hungary Name:Péter Donáth Department:Distribution Role:Strategic Director
495641 Company:Ellipsis Italy Name:Flavio Donnini Department:Production, World Sales Role:Managing Director
2365 Company:Enjoy Movies SRL Italy Name:Andrea de Liberato Department:Production Role:President
716138 Company:Enquadramento Produções Brazil Name:Leonardo Mecchi Department:Production Role:Producer
271982 Company:EnterMode Corp. South Korea Name:Bruce D. Lee Department:Distribution, Production Role:President & CEO
795784 Company:Entrevues - Belfort International Film Festival France Name:Elsa Charbit Department:Festival Role:Artistic Director
1048571 Company:Epicentre Films France Name:Neuza Bagorro Department:Distribution, Production Role:Acquisitions & Production
679012 Company:Epicmedia Productions Inc. Philippines Name:Bianca Balbuena Department:Production Role:Producer
833844 Company:Epicmedia Productions Inc. Philippines Name:Bradley Liew Department:Production Role:Producer
248189 Company:Escape Pictures Netherlands Name:R. Paul Miller Department:Production Role:Producer
863316 Company:Estonian Film Institute Estonia Name:Eda Koppel Department:Film Fund, Institution, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Head of Marketing
904378 Company:Estúdio Giz Brazil Name:Aline Mazzarella Department:Production Role:Head of Business Affairs, Producer
128646 Company:Eurimages France Name:Roberto Olla Department:Film Fund Role:Executive Director
13804 Company:EURODOC France Name:Maria Bonsanti Department:Development / Training Role:Program Director
4668 Company:Europa Cinemas France Name:Claude-Eric Poiroux Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:General Director
658844 Company:Europa Cinemas France Name:Fatima Djoumer Department:Exhibitor Role:Head of International Relations
747270 Company:European Film Marker - Berlinale Germany Name:Matthijs Wouter Knol Department:Festival Role:Director
209769 Company:European Film Promotion Germany Name:Sonja Heinen Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Managing Director
1112468 Company:European Film Promotion Germany Name:Susanne Davis Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Film Sales Support
1120610 Company:Everybody On Deck France Name:Gaëlle Bayssière Department:Production Role:Producer
275305 Company:EYE Filmmuseum Netherlands Name:Marten Rabarts Department:Institution, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Head of EYE International
910835 Company:EYE Filmmuseum Netherlands Name:Nathalie Mierop Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Project Manager Eye International
461672 Company:EYE Filmmuseum Netherlands Name:René Wolf Department:Distribution, Exhibitor, Institution Role:Head of Acquisitions
79235 Company:EYE Filmmuseum Netherlands Name:Sandra den Hamer Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Managing Director
1697 Company:Ezef Germany Name:Bernd Wolpert Department:Distribution, Film Fund Role:Managing Director
1110521 Company:Fado Filmes Portugal Name:Vasco Esteves Department:Production Role:Producer
1115713 Company:Faktura Film GmbH Germany Name:Kirill Krasovski Department:Production Role:Producer
1126611 Company:Fantoche International Animation Film Festival Switzerland Name:Dominique Marconi Department:Festival Role:Program Manager
128246 Company:FBI Casting Srl Italy Name:Beatrice Kruger Department:Talent Agency Role:Casting Director
276809 Company:Federal Chancellery of Austria Austria Name:Barbara Fränzen Department:Film Fund Role:Head of Film Department
907504 Company:Federal Office of Culture Switzerland Name:Carole Bagnoud Department:Film Fund, Institution Role:Manager Animation Film
270 Company:Federal Office of Culture Switzerland Name:Ivo Kummer Department:Film Fund, Institution Role:Head of Film Departement
689137 Company:Federal Office of Culture Switzerland Name:Jela Skerlak Department:Film Fund, Institution Role:Head of Distribution & Diversity
1447 Company:Federal Office of Culture Switzerland Name:Matthias Bürcher Department:Film Fund, Institution Role:PICS / minority co-productions
492609 Company:Federal Office of Culture Switzerland Name:Beatrice Wittwer Department:Film Fund Role:Administrator
16906 Company:Federal Office of Culture Switzerland Name:Laurent Steiert Department:Film Fund, Institution Role:Director Film Section
626404 Company:Lugano cinema eldorado dijon France Name:Laurent Olivier Department:Festival Role:Programmer
633 Company:Festival Cinéma au Féminin France Name:Daniele Martin Department:Festival Role:Programmer
333585 Company:Festival des 3 Continents France Name:Jérôme Baron Department:Festival Role:General and Artistic Director
826487 Company:Festival International du Cinema pour Tous Tiznit Maroc Morocco Name:Rachida Varrin Department:Festival Role:Artistic Director
438328 Company:Festival Scope France Name:Alessandro Raja Department:Festival, Industry Services, VoD Platform Role:CEO
795383 Company:Festival Scope France Name:Juliette Canon Department:VOD distributor Role:Coordinator
190762 Company:Festival Scope France Name:Mathilde Henrot Department:Industry Services, VoD Platform Role:COO & Founder
1065644 Company:FICINE (Fórum Itinerante de Cinema Negro /Black Cinema Itinerant Forum) Brazil Name:Janaína Oliveira Department:Development / Training, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Consultant African Cinema & Diaspora
933964 Company:Ficunam Catapulta Mexico Name:Iván Granovsky Department:Festival Role:General Curator
41406 Company:FIFDH - International Film Festival & Forum on Human Rights Switzerland Name:Isabelle Gattiker Department:Festival Role:Festival Director
692786 Company:FIFDH - International Film Festival & Forum on Human Rights Switzerland Name:James Berclaz-Lewis Department:Festival Role:Coordinateur Général
164440 Company:Fil Rouge Media sas Italy Name:Andrea Cirla Department:Distribution Role:General Manager
1120718 Company:Film AG Produktions Austria Name:Alexander Glehr Department:Production Role:Producer
1138998 Company:Film Algarve Portugal Name:Luigi DeGiorgi Department:Technical industry Role:Producer
217000 Company:Film at Lincoln Center USA Name:Dennis Lim Department:Exhibitor, Festival, Institution Role:Director of Programming
208016 Company:Film at Lincoln Center USA Name:Florence Almozini Department:Festival, Institution Role:Associate Director of Programming
12696 Company:Film Buro Producciones Internacionales S.L. Spain Name:Luis Ángel Bellaba Department:Distribution, Production Role:Distributor, Producer
229334 Company:Film Center Serbia Serbia Name:Andjelija Andric Department:Film Fund, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:International Relations Coordinator
1130111 Company:Film Center Serbia Serbia Name:Gordan Matic Department:Institution Role:Director
18611 Company:Film Center Serbia Serbia Name:Miroljub Vuckovic Department:Film Fund, Institution, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Head of International Relations & Promotion
1133461 Company:Film Constellation United Kingdom Name:Chloe Tai Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:Marketing & Business Operations Manager
1139187 Company:Film Development Council of the Philippines Philippines Name:Jeanivieve Lopez Department:Development / Training, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Review and Classification Officer
1107975 Company:Film Development Council of the Philippines Philippines Name:Ria Anne Rubia Department:Institution, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:OIC Executive Director
36934 Company:Film Festival Diritti Umani Lugano Switzerland Name:Antonio Prata Department:Festival Role:Festival Director
527391 Company:Film Independent USA Name:Jacqueline Lyanga Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Artistic Director
807552 Company:Film Movement USA Name:Michael Rosenberg Department:Distribution, VoD Platform Role:President
314861 Company:Film Republic United Kingdom Name:Xavier Henry-Rashid Department:World Sales Role:Managing Director
1110772 Company:Film Studio DEVINI Latvia Name:Marta Romanova-Jekabsone Department:Production Role:Producer
475441 Company:Film- und Medienstiftung NRW Germany Name:Petra Müller Department:Film Fund Role:CEO
1110454 Company:Filmarti Film Ltd. Turkey Name:Anil Cetinkol Department:Distribution Role:Acquisitions Executive
896352 Company:Filmcoopi Switzerland Name:Claudia Badoer Department:Distribution Role:Partner and Member of the Executive Board
261 Company:Filmcoopi Switzerland Name:Felix Hächler Department:Distribution Role:Managing Director
696682 Company:Filmcoopi Switzerland Name:Marco Brazerol Department:Distribution Role:Managing Director
238 Company:Filmcoopi Switzerland Name:Wolfgang Blösche Department:Distribution Role:Co-Director
562308 Company:Filmcoopi Switzerland Name:Yves Blösche Department:Distribution Role:Managing Director
147233 Company:Filmfest Hamburg GmbH Germany Name:Kathrin Kohlstedde Department:Festival Role:Head of Programme
887288 Company:Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis Germany Name:Svenja Böttger Department:Festival Role:Festival Director
31903 Company:Filmforum Freiburg at Kommunales Kino Freiburg Germany Name:Hans-Peter Hagmann Department:Festival Role:Film Selector
937963 Company:Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA) Germany Name:Bérénice Honold Department:Film Fund Role:Advisor to CEO, International Affairs
668006 Company:Filmgarten Austria Name:Pierre-Emmanuel Finzi Department:Distribution, Production Role:CEO
212815 Company:Filmika Galaika Spain Name:Beli Martínez Department:Production Role:Producer
575243 Company:Filmperlen Filmverleih Germany Name:Claudia Oettrich Department:Distribution Role:Head of Distribution
467 Company:Filmpodium Zürich Switzerland Name:Corinne Siegrist-Oboussier Department:Exhibitor, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Director
149180 Company:Films Boutique Germany Name:Gabor Greiner Department:World Sales Role:COO - Acquisitions & Productions
824657 Company:Films Boutique Germany Name:Valeska Neu Department:World Sales Role:Sales Manager
4656 Company:Films Sans Frontières France Name:Galeshka Moravioff Department:Distribution, Production Role:General Director
12452 Company:Filmsuite Switzerland Name:Eric Bouzigon Department:Industry Services, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Founder
2147 Company:FilmTalk Productions Switzerland Name:Helena Andossi Department:Production Role:Producer
5323 Company:First Hand Films Switzerland Name:Esther Van Messel Department:Distribution, Production, World Sales Role:CEO
321520 Company:FISA - Film Industry Support Austria Austria Name:Julia Schmölz Department:Film Fund Role:Project Manager
630421 Company:Flare Film Germany Name:Martin Heisler Department:Production Role:Producer
662070 Company:FOCAL Switzerland Name:Jessica Hefti Department:Cultural association, Production Role:Head of Department Production
64486 Company:FOCAL Switzerland Name:Nicole Schroeder Department:Development / Training Role:Co-director
1107875 Company:Folkets Bio Sweden Name:Oscar Eriksson Department:Distribution Role:Head of Acquisitions
230255 Company:Fonction: Cinéma Switzerland Name:Aude Vermeil Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Director
1062458 Company:Fourcolours Films Indonesia Name:Ifa Isfansyah Department:Production Role:Producer
1105239 Company:Fourlab Italy Name:Giorgia Meniconi Department:Distribution Role:Head of Acquisition
244219 Company:Frakas Productions Belgium Name:Jean-Yves Roubin Department:Production Role:Producer
1109979 Company:Framevox Production Switzerland Name:Agnes Boutruche Department:Production Role:Producer
1028156 Company:Framevox Production Switzerland Name:Véronique Vergari Department:Production Role:Producer
585689 Company:Free Stone Productions Co., Ltd. Japan Name:Miyuki Takamatsu Department:World Sales Role:Sales Agent, CEO
769208 Company:Freestudios SA Switzerland Name:Giorgio D'Imperio Department:Production, Technical industry Role:Head of Post-Production
1053699 Company:Freestudios SA Switzerland Name:Xavier Lavorel Department:Technical industry Role:Sound Engineer
6228 Company:Freihändler Filmproduktion GmbH Switzerland Name:Stella Händler Department:Production Role:Producer
1052901 Company:Fribourg International Film Festival (FIFF) Switzerland Name:Madeleine Descloux Department:Festival Role:Administrative Director
723886 Company:Fribourg International Film Festival (FIFF) Switzerland Name:Julia Schubiger Department:Festival Role:Short Film Programmer
863 Company:Fribourg International Film Festival (FIFF) Switzerland Name:Thierry Jobin Department:Festival Role:Artistic Director
40186 Company:FSK Kino & Peripher Filmverleih Germany Name:Christian Suhren Department:Buyer, Distribution Role:Acquisitions
1066169 Company:Fundación IFF Panamá Panama Name:Pituka Ortega Heilbron Department:Festival Role:Executive Director
1128924 Company:Gadea Films Spain Name:Patricia Franquesa Department:Production Role:Producer
726602 Company:Gapbusters Belgium Name:Dario Vecchiato Department:Production Role:Head of Acquisitions
115692 Company:Garidi films Switzerland Name:Consuelo Frauenfelder Department:Director, Production Role:Producer
1115568 Company:GeniPaper Studios Canada Name:Oslyn Lewis Department:Technical industry Role:Managing Director
1117184 Company:Georgian National Film Center Georgia Name:Ana Chkonia Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:International Relations
889011 Company:German Federal Film Board Germany Name:Ann-Malen Witt Department:Film Fund Role:PR Manager
212779 Company:German Federal Film Board Germany Name:Bernd Neumann Department:Film Fund Role:President
896890 Company:German Films Service + Marketing GmbH Germany Name:Dennis Ruh Department:Industry Services, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Head of Festival Relations & Producers Liaison
659528 Company:German Films Service + Marketing GmbH Germany Name:Simone Baumann Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Managing Director
1069456 Company:Ghost Grrrl Pictures Malaysia Name:Fei Ling Foo Department:Production Role:Producer
5745 Company:Giornate degli Autori Italy Name:Teresa Cavina Department:Development / Training, Festival Role:Selection Board
148118 Company:Glasgow Film United Kingdom Name:Allison Gardner Department:Distribution Role:Exhibitor, Distributor
129054 Company:Global Screen Germany Name:Klaus Rasmussen Department:World Sales Role:Sales & Acquisitions
8579 Company:GoldenEggProduction Switzerland Name:Gabriela Bussmann Department:Production Role:Producer, Development Consultant
905581 Company:GoldenEggProduction Switzerland Name:Yan Decoppet Department:Production Role:Assistant Producer
1128235 Company:Grandfilm GmbH Germany Name:Cristina Diz Department:Distribution Role:Content Manager
1031324 Company:Grandfilm GmbH Germany Name:Stefan Butzmühlen Department:Distribution Role:Distribution Manager
560418 Company:Greek Film Archive Greece Name:Nina Veligradi Department:Festival, Institution Role:Programmer
1108874 Company:GreenGround Productions Canada Name:Aonan Yang Department:Production Role:Producer
452942 Company:Greta Garbo Films Lithuania Name:Greta Akcijonaite Department:Distribution Role:CEO
1109310 Company:Gruvi United Kingdom Name:Nguyet Nguyenova Department:Industry Services, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Growth and Business Development Manager
1114664 Company:Gulp Splash USA Name:Jeff Roberts Department:Production Role:Producer
1114395 Company:Gulu Gulu Presents Serbia Name:Nikola Savicevic Department:Production Role:Producer
1017151 Company:Gunpowder & Sky USA Name:Catalina Ramirez Chaves Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:Global Sales Manager
1003602 Company:Guru Media Mongolia Name:Ariunaa Tserenpil Department:Production Role:Producer
1036057 Company:Gässli Film Festival Switzerland Name:Laura Frei Department:Festival Role:Co-Director
315771 Company:Göteborg Film Festival Sweden Name:Freddy Olsson Department:Festival Role:Senior Programmer
1069505 Company:Hanoi Doclab Vietnam Name:Quynh Anh Le Department:Development / Training, Production Role:Producer
694673 Company:Haut les Mains Productions France Name:Karim Aitouna Department:Production Role:Producer
194271 Company:HEAD Geneva University of Art and Design - Film Department Switzerland Name:Delphine Jeanneret Department:Film School, Production Role:Deputy Dean
452338 Company:Heliotrope Films France Name:Laurent Aléonard Department:Distribution, Theatrical distribution Role:General Manager
271892 Company:Henneman Agency Netherlands Name:Vanessa Henneman Department:Talent Agency Role:Producer, Talent Agent
9114 Company:Hesse Film GmbH Switzerland Name:Simon Hesse Department:Production Role:Producer
841600 Company:House on Fire France Name:Vincent Wang Department:Production Role:Producer
111630 Company:Hugofilm Switzerland Name:Christof Neracher Department:Production Role:Producer
953778 Company:Human Rights Film Festival Zurich Switzerland Name:Josephine Tedder Department:Festival Role:Program Manager
24316 Company:Human Rights Film Festival Zurich Switzerland Name:Sascha Bleuler Department:Festival Role:Festival Director
17836 Company:ICA - Portuguese Cinema and Audiovisual Institute Portugal Name:Leonor Silveira Department:Film Fund Role:Advisor
1020414 Company:ICA - Portuguese Cinema and Audiovisual Institute Portugal Name:Maria Mineiro Department:Film Fund, Institution Role:Vice-President of the Board of Directors
387913 Company:ICA - Portuguese Cinema and Audiovisual Institute Portugal Name:Vítor Pinheiro Department:Film Fund, Institution Role:Cinema and Audiovisual Department
1054256 Company:ICAA - Instituto de la Cinematografia y de las Artes Audiovisuales Spain Name:Beatriz Navas Department:Film Fund Role:General Director
1003975 Company:ICAA - Instituto de la Cinematografia y de las Artes Audiovisuales Spain Name:Tito Rodríguez Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Deputy Director of Marketing
785258 Company:ICAM Europe France Name:Fusako Saito Department:Distribution, Production Role:Director
1110172 Company:Icarus Films USA Name:Jonathan Miller Department:Distribution Role:President
124945 Company:Ici et Là Productions France Name:Christophe Bruncher Department:Production Role:Producer
830516 Company:IDIP Films Switzerland Name:Léa Génique Department:Production Role:Junior Producer
321159 Company:IDIP Films Switzerland Name:Xavier Derigo Department:Production Role:Producer
1110592 Company:If You Hold a Stone Brazil Name:Andre Mielnik Department:Production Role:Producer
1082194 Company:IFC Films USA Name:Sarah Corrigan Department:Distribution Role:Sr Assistant to Co-President
1117792 Company:Ikki films France Name:Nidia Santiago Department:Production Role:Producer
1132904 Company:Illium Pictures USA Name:Peter Azen Department:Production, Technical industry Role:Creative Director
43810 Company:Illuminations Films United Kingdom Name:Joana-Maria Schmitzer Department:Distribution, Production Role:International Liaison & Festivals
3009 Company:Illuminations Films United Kingdom Name:Keith Griffiths Department:Distribution, Production Role:Managing Director
166865 Company:Imaginastudio Switzerland Name:Arnaud Gantenbein Department:Production Role:Producer
493754 Company:Imaginastudio Switzerland Name:Pascal Forney Department:Production Role:Producer
2088 Company:Imagine Film Distribution Belgium Name:Christian Thomas Department:Distribution Role:CEO
373 Company:Imagofilm Lugano Switzerland Name:Villi Hermann Department:Production Role:Producer
63019 Company:Imeg Switzerland Name:Jamal Zeinal-Zade Department:Production Role:Producer
1066163 Company:INCAA - Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales Armenia Name:Viviana Dirolli Department:Film Fund, Institution, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Executive Director - International Film Promotion
830430 Company:Independent FilmFest Osnabrück Germany Name:Sören Gäting Department:Festival Role:Programmer
1082257 Company:Independent Professional Brazil Name:Gabriel Milagres Department:Distribution Role:Distributor
1117266 Company:Indiana Production Italy Name:Gaia Brunelli Department:Development / Training, Production Role:Producer
1120755 Company:Indie Sales France Name:Clément Chautant Department:World Sales Role:Festivals & Sales
955073 Company:Inpix Switzerland Name:Ines Meyer Döring Department:Production, Technical industry Role:Producer
838021 Company:Inselfilm Produktion Germany Name:Gregor Streiber Department:Production Role:Producer
538171 Company:Inside of a Dog Productions Switzerland Name:Andrea Guidicelli Department:Production, Technical industry Role:Videomaker
708007 Company:Inspiratrice & Commandant Canada Name:Annie St. Pierre Department:Production Role:Producer
936141 Company:Institut Français France Name:Emilie Pianta Essadi Department:Development / Training, Film Fund, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Head of World Cinema pole, Cinema Department
959918 Company:Institute of Contemporary Arts United Kingdom Name:Nicola Marzano Department:Distribution Role:Head of Film Department
208541 Company:Interior XIII Mexico Name:Maximiliano Cruz Department:Distribution, Production Role:Co-Director
27764 Company:Interior XIII Mexico Name:Sandra Gomez Department:Distribution, Production Role:Distributor, Producer
331 Company:International Festival of Animated Film Germany Name:Dieter Krauss Department:Festival Role:Managing Director
130645 Company:International Film Festival & Awards Macao United Kingdom Name:Mike Goodridge Department:Festival Role:Artistic Director
892395 Company:International Film Festival Rotterdam Netherlands Name:Inke Van Loocke Department:Festival Role:Manager CineMart & Rotterdam Lab
148156 Company:International Film Festival Rotterdam Netherlands Name:Peter Van Hoof Department:Festival Role:Programmer
1117329 Company:International Film Festival Rotterdam Netherlands Name:Ronny Theeuwes Department:Festival Role:Programmer Talks & Masterclasses
1084855 Company:International Union of Cinemas Belgium Name:Laura Houlgatte Department:Exhibitor Role:CEO
195360 Company:Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur Switzerland Name:Annina Canciani Department:Festival Role:Programmer, Guest Service
1109980 Company:Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur Switzerland Name:Bernhard Michel Department:Festival, Technical industry Role:Technical Manager
662086 Company:Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur Switzerland Name:Christof Hächler Department:Festival Role:Programmer
164890 Company:Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur Switzerland Name:John Canciani Department:Festival Role:Artistic Director
9137 Company:Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur Switzerland Name:Lea Rindlisbacher Department:Festival Role:Communication & PR
1066110 Company:Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur Switzerland Name:Stefan Dobler Department:Festival Role:Managing Director
104450 Company:Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur Switzerland Name:Stefan Staub Department:Festival Role:Programmer
4340 Company:Internationales Filmfest Braunschweig / Universum Kinobetriebs GmbH Germany Name:Edgar Merkel Department:Festival Role:President
696799 Company:Intramovies Italy Name:Marco Valerio Fusco Department:Distribution, Production, World Sales Role:Head of Acquisitions & Production
16886 Company:Invisibile film Italy Name:Gabriella Manfrè Department:Production Role:Producer
816920 Company:Iota Production Belgium Name:Isabelle Truc Department:Production Role:Producer
144389 Company:Istanbul Film Festival Turkey Name:Kerem Ayan Department:Festival Role:Director
833546 Company:Istituto Luce Cinecittà Italy Name:Monica Moscato Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Project Manager
583752 Company:Istituto Luce Cinecittà Italy Name:Monique Catalino Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Project Manager
190686 Company:Istituto Luce Cinecittà Italy Name:Rossella Rinaldi Department:Institution, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Project Manager
2367 Company:IT WORKS! MEDIEN GmbH Germany Name:Martin Farkas Department:Production Role:Producer
8767 Company:Jacob Berger Films Switzerland Name:Jacob Berger Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing, Production Role:President
644723 Company:Jakob Reinhart Film & Design Germany Name:Rolf C. Buschmann Department:Production Role:Producer
751805 Company:Jeonju International Film Festival South Korea Name:JANG Byungwon Department:Festival Role:Programmer
1111262 Company:Jeonju International Film Festival South Korea Name:Moon Sung Department:Festival Role:Programmer
674109 Company:Jeonju International Film Festival South Korea Name:Sangyoung Lee Department:Festival Role:Programmer
1129690 Company:Jeonju International Film Festival South Korea Name:Sarah Kang Department:Festival Role:Project Market Manager
791046 Company:JHR Films France Name:Jane Roger Department:Distribution Role:Head of Distribution
824840 Company:Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival Czech Republic Name:Andrea Slovakova Department:Festival Role:Festival Programmer
867067 Company:Jour2fête France Name:Samuel Blanc Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:Head of International Sales
1120806 Company:Joyedidi Senegal Name:Soundiata Abass Ba Department:Production Role:Producer
834092 Company:K Film Swiss GmbH Switzerland Name:Arianna Kadlec Department:Production Role:Administrator
769146 Company:K Film Swiss GmbH Switzerland Name:Jan Kadlec Department:Production Role:Producer
1108853 Company:Kadokawa Corporation Japan Name:Daisuke FUTAGI Department:Distribution, Production, World Sales Role:Producer
1125152 Company:Kadokawa Corporation Japan Name:Takeo Kodera Department:Distribution, Production, World Sales Role:General Manager, International
1123060 Company:Kafard Films France Name:Mathieu Mullier-Griffiths Department:Production Role:Producer
989220 Company:Kaiju - Cinema Diffusion USA Name:Max Saad Department:Industry Services Role:Ignition Director
1106867 Company:Kaman Media Iran Name:Zakaria Zargani Department:Distribution, Production Role:Distributor
1126884 Company:KawanKawan Media Indonesia Name:Yulia Evina Bhara Department:Production Role:Producer
925192 Company:Kefka Film Production Myanmar Name:Soe Arkar Htun Department:Production Role:Producer
1115508 Company:Khrueamas Films Thailand Name:Tuntita Nititsopon Department:Production Role:Producer
16470 Company:Kino Cinématte Switzerland Name:Bernhard Schürch Department:Exhibitor Role:Manager
639914 Company:Kino im Dach Germany Name:Steffen Jurk Department:Exhibitor Role:Assistant
186473 Company:Kino Xenix Switzerland Name:Jenny Billeter Department:Exhibitor Role:Programming Director
602 Company:Kinok - Cinema in der Lokremise Switzerland Name:Andreas Stock Department:Exhibitor Role:Deputy Director
572733 Company:Kinology France Name:Grégoire Graesslin Department:World Sales Role:Festivals & Sales Manager
1109547 Company:Kinosaurus Film Estonia Name:Maario Masing Department:Production Role:Producer
24157 Company:Kinotavr Russia Name:Sitora Alieva Department:Festival Role:Programme Director
1047442 Company:KITAG Kino-Theater AG Switzerland Name:Dominik Krzysztofek Department:Exhibitor Role:Head of Strategy
16715 Company:KITAG Kino-Theater AG Switzerland Name:Marcel Rupp Department:Exhibitor Role:Communication & Programme
156012 Company:Kometa Films France Name:Edyta Janczak-Hiriart Department:Production Role:Producer
865965 Company:Komplizen Film GmbH Germany Name:Ben von Dobeneck Department:Production Role:Line Producer
865966 Company:Komplizen Film GmbH Germany Name:Zsuzsanna Kiràly Department:Development / Training, Production Role:Head of Development
464 Company:Kool Filmdistribution Germany Name:Michael Isele Department:Distribution, Theatrical distribution Role:CEO
1110768 Company:Koskino Poland Name:Natalia Grzegorzek Department:Production Role:Producer
531861 Company:KOSMOS Switzerland Name:Marisa Suppiger Department:Exhibitor Role:Programmer
108605 Company:KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg Germany Name:Christiane Stübing Department:Distribution, Festival Role:Advisor
5620 Company:KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg Germany Name:Karsten Hinckeldeyn Department:Distribution, Festival Role:Program Advisor
1082271 Company:Kyiv IFF Molodist Ukraine Name:Bohdan Zhuk Department:Festival Role:Programme Coordinator
1132755 Company:Kyiv International Short Film Festival Ukraine Name:Kyrylo Marikutsa Department:Festival Role:Director
979912 Company:L'Altauro Italy Name:Micol Roubini Department:Production Role:Producer
851 Company:La Boite Visual Art Switzerland Name:Patricia Boillat Department:Festival, Production, Technical industry Role:Head of Image and Sound
19184 Company:La Boite Visual Art Switzerland Name:Elena Gugliuzza Department:Production, Technical industry Role:Director
259411 Company:La Bête France Name:Fabrizio Polpettini Department:Production Role:Producer
636280 Company:La Lanterne Magique Switzerland Name:Ilan Vallotton Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Executive Director
866354 Company:La Ola Mexico Name:Pedro Emilio Segura Bernal Department:Distribution, Production Role:Co-founder & Director
255623 Company:Lab 54a Filmproduktion GmbH Switzerland Name:Ueli Nüesch Department:Production, Technical industry Role:Owner & Director
1107994 Company:LAB111 Netherlands Name:Tom Ooms Department:Exhibitor, Festival Role:Head of Programming & Marketing
17277 Company:Laboratory of Visual Culture / University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) Switzerland Name:Jean-Pierre Candeloro Department:Development / Training, Institution Role:Head of Laboratory of Visual Culture
12143 Company:Langfilm Switzerland Name:Olivier Zobrist Department:Production Role:Producer
21259 Company:Langjahr Film GmbH Switzerland Name:Silvia Haselbeck Department:Distribution, Production, Technical industry Role:Co-Director
1069453 Company:Lao New Wave Cinema Productions Laos Name:Vannaphone Sitthirath Department:Production Role:Producer
1065417 Company:Lao New Wave Cinema Productions Laos Name:Xaisongkham Induangchanthy Department:Production Role:Producer
962476 Company:Largo Switzerland Name:Sami Arpa Department:Distribution, VoD Platform Role:CEO
1124936 Company:Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival Spain Name:Saray Benítez Department:Festival Role:Programmer
1128234 Company:Lazennec France Name:Severine Catelion Department:Production Role:Producer
820557 Company:Le CinéAtelier Switzerland Name:Anne-Françoise Evequoz Department:Production, Technical industry Role:Producer Assistant
49818 Company:Le CinéAtelier Switzerland Name:Emmanuelle de Riedmatten Department:Production, Technical industry Role:Producer
514790 Company:Le Marin Productions - Film Video Photography Art Switzerland Name:Marin Raguz Department:Production Role:Director
1133474 Company:Leeds International Film Festival United Kingdom Name:Alice Miller Department:Festival Role:Film Programmer
971656 Company:Leopardo Filmes Portugal Name:Antonio Costa Department:Distribution, Festival Role:Deputy Director
110028 Company:Lemon Cake Switzerland Name:Claudia Durgnat Department:Festival, Production Role:Producer
971656 Company:Leopardo Filmes Portugal Name:Antonio Costa Department:Distribution, Festival Role:Deputy Director
599 Company:Les cinémas du grütli Switzerland Name:Alfio Di Guardo Department:Exhibitor Role:Deputy Director
63072 Company:Les Films de l'Après-Midi France Name:François D'Artemare Department:Production Role:Producer
706063 Company:Les Films de l'Oeil Sauvage France Name:Quentin Laurent Department:Production Role:Producer
325901 Company:Les films du bélier France Name:Aurélien Deseez Department:Production Role:Producer
474194 Company:Les Films du camélia France Name:Ronald Chammah Department:Distribution Role:Managing Director
321923 Company:Les films du Djabadjah Burkina Faso Name:Berni Goldblat Department:Production Role:Producer
1078651 Company:Les Films du Losange France Name:Alice Lesort Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:Head of Sales
1133463 Company:Les Films du Losange France Name:Jean-Benoît Henry Department:World Sales Role:Sales Agent
904975 Company:Les Films Fauves Luxembourg Name:Gilles Chanial Department:Production Role:Producer
6639 Company:Les Films Hors-Champ Switzerland Name:Elena Hill Department:Production Role:Producer
1079885 Company:Less Is More France Name:Anna Ciennik Department:Festival Role:Project Manager
1112560 Company:Less Is More France Name:Miguel Lopez Beraza Department:Development / Training Role:Script Consultant
1113690 Company:Levo Films Pte. Ltd. China Name:GUO Xiao-Dong Department:Development / Training, Production Role:Producer
1109265 Company:Lights On Italy Name:Flavio Armone Department:World Sales Role:Sales Agent
1049710 Company:Lights On Italy Name:Greta Fornari Department:World Sales Role:Sales Agent
1099144 Company:Lionsgate United Kingdom Name:Sofia Eleftheriades Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:International Sales Assistant
1097302 Company:Loaded Films Ltd. Japan Name:Eiko Mizuno-Gray Department:Production Role:Producer
320760 Company:Loaded Films Ltd. Japan Name:Jason Gray Department:Production Role:Producer
1107892 Company:Loco Films France Name:Arnaud Godart Department:Production, World Sales Role:Sales & Acquisitions
231990 Company:Logos Film GmbH Switzerland Name:Mark M. Rissi Department:Production Role:Executive Producer
258836 Company:Lomotion AG Switzerland Name:David Fonjallaz Department:Production Role:Producer
322333 Company:Lomotion AG Switzerland Name:Louis Mataré Department:Production Role:Producer
750630 Company:Lomotion AG Switzerland Name:Magdalena Welter Department:Production Role:Producer
4303 Company:Louise Productions Switzerland Name:Elisa Garbar Department:Production Role:Producer
46142 Company:Louise Productions Switzerland Name:Heinz Dill Department:Production Role:Producer
322100 Company:Lucerne School of Art and Design - Animation Department Switzerland Name:Chantal Molleur Department:Film School Role:Promotion Coordinator, Festival Support
626404 Company:Lugano cinema eldorado dijon France Name:Laurent Olivier Department:Festival Role:Programmer
1132675 Company:Luna Blue Film Belgium Name:Tomás Oom Martins Department:Production Role:Producer
973132 Company:Luststreifen Filmfestival Basel Switzerland Name:Timo Posselt Department:Festival Role:Programmer
937585 Company:MAD Solutions Egypt Name:Meriame Deghedi Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:Sales & Distribution Manager
1115233 Company:Man Up Netherlands Name:Carice van Houten Department:Actor, Production Role:Producer
1113734 Company:Man Up Netherlands Name:Halina Reijn Department:Director, Production Role:Producer
1125954 Company:Maneki Films France Name:Marc Nicolaieff Department:Production Role:Production Assistant
1128926 Company:Mano Negra Films Spain Name:Daniel Mendez Department:Production Role:Manager, Producer
870293 Company:Mar del Plata International Film Festival Argentina Name:Marcelo Alderete Department:Festival Role:Programmer
115639 Company:Mars Production Turkey Name:Marsel Kalvo Department:Distribution, Production Role:Managing Director
4295 Company:Masé Studios Switzerland Name:Denis Séchaud Department:Technical industry Role:Recording Mixer
971576 Company:MAT Productions France Name:Marie Mouchel-Blaisot Department:Production Role:Producer
1132640 Company:Matchbox Films United Kingdom Name:Murray Dibbs Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:Managing Director
29832 Company:Materialpool Bern Switzerland Name:Yvonne Hostettler Department:Technical industry Role:Manager
3322 Company:Maximage Switzerland Name:Brigitte Hofer Department:Production Role:Producer
1254 Company:Maximage Switzerland Name:Cornelia Seitler Department:Production Role:Producer
1120005 Company:Mayer Lex - Valentina Mayer Italy Name:Valentina Mayer Department:Industry Services Role:Lawyer (Media & Enterntainment)
170238 Company:MECAS (LPA International Film Festival) Spain Name:Lorena Morin Department:Development / Training, Festival Role:Coordinator MECAS
563864 Company:MEDIA Desk Suisse Switzerland Name:Corinna Marschall Department:Film Fund, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Managing Director
1106692 Company:MEDIA Desk Suisse Switzerland Name:Sophie Danner Department:Film Fund Role:Communication, Funding Consultant
1174 Company:Media Luna New Films Germany Name:Ida Martins Department:World Sales Role:Managing Director
564648 Company:Mediaset Italy Name:Paolo Marco Righetti Department:Distribution Role:Programming Manager
1092313 Company:Mediaxchange Ltd. United Kingdom Name:Katrina Wood Department:Development / Training, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Founder, CEO
6906 Company:Medien Patent Verwaltung AG Switzerland Name:Gerhard Lehmann Department:Technical industry Role:Director
25046 Company:Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH Germany Name:Teresa Hoefert de Turégano Department:Film Fund, Institution Role:Film Funding Executive
1069388 Company:Mekong Film Fixer Cambodia Name:Chandara So Department:Development / Training, Production Role:Producer
495771 Company:Meles Media Germany Name:Bernhard W. Keil Department:Distribution, Production Role:Managing Director
495783 Company:Meles Media Germany Name:Wilfried E. Keil Department:Distribution, Production Role:Managing Director
12679 Company:Memento Films Distribution France Name:Anthony Bobeau Department:Distribution Role:Acquisitions
1130831 Company:Memento Films International France Name:Mathieu Delaunay Department:World Sales Role:VP Sales & Marketing
28680 Company:Metro Pictures India Name:Ranchor Jumani Department:Distribution Role:Director
167349 Company:Metropolis Cinema Association Lebanon Name:Hania Mroue Department:Distribution Role:Founder & Director
1133469 Company:Metropolis Cinema Association Lebanon Name:Louise Malherbe Department:Exhibitor Role:Programmer
1133470 Company:Mezipatra IFF Czech Republic Name:Michal Vokun Department:Festival Role:Programmer
572765 Company:Mezzanine Films France Name:Mathieu Bompoint Department:Production Role:Producer
63865 Company:Migros Culture Percentage Switzerland Name:Nadine Adler Spiegel Department:Film Fund Role:Film Project Manager
1037155 Company:Millimeter Film Georgia Name:Tedo Dolidze Department:Production Role:Executive Producer
2137 Company:Milos-Films Switzerland Name:Francine Pickel Department:Production Role:Administrative Director
1029699 Company:Mindjazz Pictures Germany Name:Elisa May Department:Distribution Role:Distributor
28986 Company:MIR Cinematografica Srl Italy Name:Francesco Virga Department:Production Role:Senior Producer
128132 Company:MissingFILMs Germany Name:Christos Acrivulis Department:Distribution Role:President
557175 Company:mk2 films France Name:Juliette Schrameck Department:Production, World Sales Role:Managing Director
763576 Company:MLD Films France Name:Martin Bertier Department:Production Role:Producer
296 Company:Moa Distribution Switzerland Name:Alain Bottarelli Department:Distribution Role:Director
107792 Company:Modern Films United Kingdom Name:Eve Gabereau Department:Distribution, Production Role:Managing Director
1109146 Company:MOMA Broadway Cinematheque China Name:Tianyi Jia Department:Development / Training Role:Programmer, Assistant Manager
1110753 Company:Momo Film Co Singapore Name:Si En Tan Department:Development / Training, Production Role:Producer
953802 Company:Mongol Films Distribution USA Name:Tsogtbayar Namsrai Department:Distribution Role:President
1119469 Company:Moon Jar Film Germany Name:Kai Ehlers Department:Production Role:Producer
1111058 Company:MOOOV Belgium Name:Seppe Vanhaecke Department:Distribution, Festival Role:Distribution & Public Relations
963164 Company:Mostra de València-Cinema del Mediterràni Spain Name:Enric Albero Department:Festival Role:Programmer
148162 Company:Moulin d'Andé - CECI Centre des écritures cinématographiques France Name:Catherine Bizern Department:Development / Training, Institution Role:Artistic Director
750711 Company:MovieBiz Films Switzerland Name:Brigitte Tirant Department:Distribution Role:Distribution Assistant
794833 Company:Moving Turtle Lebanon Name:Sacha Tohme Department:Distribution Role:Managing Director, Head of Acquisitions
820722 Company:Mozinet Hungary Name:Ajandok Gyenis Department:Distribution Role:Theatrical Distributor
1032866 Company:MUBI United Kingdom Name:Chiara Marañón Department:Distribution, VoD Platform Role:Director of Programming
820729 Company:MUBI United Kingdom Name:Kevin Chan Department:Distribution, VoD Platform Role:Senior Acquisitions Manager
13869 Company:Mudra Arts India Name:Shashi Kumar Department:Distribution, Production Role:President
920620 Company:Multiverso Produções Brazil Name:Daniel Pech Department:Production Role:Producer
39679 Company:Munich Filmfest Germany Name:Bernhard Karl Department:Festival Role:International Programmer
58526 Company:Nadasdy film Switzerland Name:Nicolas Burlet Department:Production Role:Producer
150402 Company:National Film Centre of Latvia Latvia Name:Dita Rietuma Department:Film Fund, Institution Role:Director
12519 Company:National Gallery of Art USA Name:Margaret Parsons Department:Festival, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Head of Film Department
1134305 Company:National Media and Infocommunications Authority Hungary Hungary Name:Gyorgy Ocsko Department:Film Fund, Institution Role:International Legal Advisor
513941 Company:National Media and Infocommunications Authority Hungary Hungary Name:Miklos Taba Department:Film Fund, Industry Services Role:Director
1134304 Company:National Media and Infocommunications Authority Hungary Hungary Name:Tamas Kollarik Department:Film Fund, Institution Role:Member of Media Council
1109304 Company:Nawesta Films Switzerland Name:Vahid Davoodi Pooya Department:Production Role:Managing Director
518990 Company:Nephos Swiss Fog Switzerland Name:Monica Sciarini Department:Technical industry Role:Director
518971 Company:Nephos Swiss Fog Switzerland Name:Nicola Colombo Department:Technical industry Role:Founder, Techical Solutions
1059066 Company:Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival Switzerland Name:Fanny Guichard Department:Cultural association, Festival Role:Directrice de communication
642474 Company:Neue Visionen Filmverleih GmbH Germany Name:Sylvia Müller Department:Distribution Role:CEO
894595 Company:New Amsterdam Film Company Netherlands Name:Miel van Welzen Department:Production Role:Producer
1114170 Company:New Amsterdam Film Company Netherlands Name:Sander Verdonk Department:Production Role:Producer
148064 Company:New Story France Name:Elisabeth Perlié Department:Distribution Role:CEO
4403 Company:New Wave Films Ltd United Kingdom Name:Robert Beeson Department:Distribution Role:Director
864408 Company:NFDC Film Bazaar India Name:Deepti DCunha Department:Festival Role:Consultant Film Programmer
13491 Company:NIFFF - Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival Switzerland Name:Anais Emery Department:Festival Role:Artistic Director
157091 Company:NiKo Film Germany Name:Nicole Gerhards Department:Production Role:Producer
1119325 Company:Nimbus Film Denmark Name:Jasmine Hermann Naghizadeh Department:Production Role:Producer
1109129 Company:Nimbus Iceland Iceland Name:Live Hide Department:Production Role:Producer
641963 Company:Nitrato Filmes Lda Portugal Name:Américo Santos Department:Distribution Role:President
623554 Company:Nitrato Filmes Lda Portugal Name:Cristina Mota Department:Distribution Role:Vice-President
825779 Company:Nitrium Italy Name:Mario Castiglioni Department:Production Role:Owner
1069489 Company:No Wonder Films Mongolia Name:Dulguun Bayasgalan Department:Production Role:Producer
167096 Company:No.Mad Entertainment Italy Name:Lydia Genchi Department:Distribution, Production Role:Head of Acquisitions
8305 Company:NOSE Productions Switzerland Name:Gabriella De Gara Department:Production Role:Producer
373603 Company:Noura Italy Name:Mario Nuzzo Department:Production Role:Producer
1114402 Company:Novi Film Serbia Name:Srdjan Sarenac Department:Production Role:Producer
976140 Company:O Som e a Furia Portugal Name:Luís Urbano Department:Production Role:Producer
320107 Company:Ombudfilms Sàrl Switzerland Name:André Kuenzy Department:Production Role:Producer, Owner
248430 Company:Onix & Onfeatures Switzerland Name:Kurt Maeder Department:Production Role:Producer/Ceo
903340 Company:Optec Filmes Portugal Name:Abel Ribeiro Chaves Department:Production Role:Producer
13641 Company:OtherMovie Lugano Film Festival Switzerland Name:Drago Stevanovic Department:Festival Role:Festival Director
260922 Company:Owl Productions Switzerland Name:Patrick Graber Department:Production Role:Producer
1133176 Company:Panique ! Belgium Name:Hugo Deghilage Department:Production Role:Producer
248248 Company:Panique ! Belgium Name:Vincent Tavier Department:Production Role:Producer
1114427 Company:Parallelo 41 Produzioni Italy Name:Antonella di Nocera Department:Production Role:Producer
645327 Company:Paris Barcelone Films France Name:Jean-Daniel Jemora Department:Production Role:Associated Producer
711539 Company:Park District United Kingdom Name:Rodrigo Penalosa Department:Production Role:Producer
1047457 Company:Pastelle Media Sagl Switzerland Name:Isabella Vesco Department:Technical industry Role:Head of Operations
768613 Company:Pastelle Media Sagl Switzerland Name:Matteo Taheri Department:Technical industry Role:CEO
1133253 Company:Pathé Films AG Switzerland Name:Yolanda Pardo Department:Distribution, Exhibitor Role:Head of Servicing
209110 Company:Petit Film France Name:Jean des Forêts Department:Production Role:Producer
1137847 Company:Philadelphia Film Society USA Name:J. Andrew Greenblatt Department:Festival, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:CEO & Executive Director
521894 Company:Phonartis SAGL Switzerland Name:Diego Ricco Department:Technical industry Role:CEO
264 Company:Pic Film Switzerland Name:Nicola Genni Department:Production, Technical industry Role:Producer
1121427 Company:Picturehouse USA Name:Jeanne Berney Department:Distribution Role:President
95193 Company:Pierpoline Films US and Pierpoline Films France USA Name:Joyce Pierpoline Department:Production Role:Producer
856 Company:Pingyao International Film Festival France Name:Marie-Pierre Duhamel Department:Festival Role:Programmer
581639 Company:Pink apple filmfestival Switzerland Name:Markus Hasler Department:Festival Role:Programmer
1115332 Company:Piroetta s.r.l. Italy Name:Aurora Alma Bartiromo Department:Production Role:Producer
158168 Company:Pitching & Communication Skills Germany Name:Sibylle Kurz Department:Development / Training Role:Owner
1110770 Company:Platforma Filma Latvia Name:Kristians Alhimionoks Department:Production Role:Producer
1134662 Company:Plus One Films United Kingdom Name:Xia Cecilia Department:Development / Training Role:Marketing Coordinator
1134669 Company:Plus One Films United Kingdom Name:Zhou Millie Department:Development / Training Role:Co-founder
387983 Company:Pluto Film Distribution Network GmbH Germany Name:Manola Novelli Department:World Sales Role:Head of Sales & Acquisitions
150533 Company:Point Prod. Switzerland Name:David Rihs Department:Production Role:Producer
5639 Company:Point Prod. Switzerland Name:Jean-Marc Fröhle Department:Production Role:Producer
823333 Company:Poisson Rouge Pictures United Kingdom Name:Christopher Granier-Deferre Department:Production Role:Producer
150804 Company:Polarlicht Filmproduktion Germany Name:Ariane Lang Department:Production Role:Assistant CEO
1120725 Company:Polish Film Institute Poland Name:Maria Gradowska-Tomow Department:Film Fund, Institution Role:Acting Head of International Relations Department
1117701 Company:Ponte Produtoras Brazil Name:Dora Amorim Department:Production Role:Producer
1110505 Company:Portugal Film Commission Portugal Name:Manuel Claro Department:Film Fund Role:Film Commissioner
890416 Company:Potemkine Films France Name:Miliani Benzerfa Department:Distribution Role:Buyer
640884 Company:Potemkine Films France Name:Nils Bouaziz Department:Distribution Role:Buyer
569939 Company:Praesens-Film Switzerland Name:Corinne Rossi Department:Distribution, Production Role:CEO
7966 Company:Praesens-Film Switzerland Name:Marc Maeder Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:Sales
1109546 Company:Primeira Idade Portugal Name:Pedro Fernandes Duarte Department:Buyer, Production Role:Producer
2842 Company:Prochaine AG Switzerland Name:Mischa Schiwow Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Promotion, Press, Media
155075 Company:ProCinema Switzerland Name:Claude Ruey Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:President
838907 Company:Prodigy 360 Canada Name:Hayet Benkara Department:Development / Training, Industry Services Role:Industry and Talent Development, Programmer
1065430 Company:Programa Ibermedia Spain Name:Victor Sanchez Department:Film Fund, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Coordinador
1111080 Company:Prokino Filmverleih GmbH Germany Name:Katrin Diesner Department:Distribution Role:Acquisitions
1108519 Company:Protagonist Pictures United Kingdom Name:Charlotte Lopez Department:World Sales Role:International Sales Manager
162875 Company:Präsidialdepartement Abteilung Kultur Basel-Stadt Switzerland Name:Caroline Prod'hom Department:Institution Role:Culture Projects Consultant
1034774 Company:Pyramide International France Name:Agathe Mauruc Department:World Sales Role:Head of International Sales
2980 Company:Pyramide International France Name:Eric Lagesse Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:CEO
1063558 Company:Queersicht - LGBTI FIlmfestival Bern Switzerland Name:Claudio Enggist Department:Festival Role:Media Officer
194997 Company:Quinzaine Des Réalisateurs France Name:Benjamin Illos Department:Festival Role:Correspondent
644671 Company:Quinzaine Des Réalisateurs France Name:Paolo Moretti Department:Festival Role:General Delegate
8825 Company:Rai Cinema Italy Name:Fabrizio Liberti Department:Distribution, Production, TV Distribution Role:Buyer
1107898 Company:Rai Com Italy Name:Cristina Cavaliere Department:World Sales Role:Senior Sales Executive
20180 Company:Rapid Eye Movies HE GmbH Germany Name:Stephan Holl Department:Distribution, Production Role:Managing Director
1129666 Company:Reading Bloom Italy Name:Alessandro Del Re Department:Distribution Role:Head of Programming and Acquisitions - BaseCamp
335 Company:Real film Switzerland Name:Stefan Jung Department:Production Role:Director & Producer
272254 Company:REASON8 Films United Kingdom Name:Anna Krupnova Department:Production, World Sales Role:Co-Managing Director
1032615 Company:REASON8 Films United Kingdom Name:Denis Krupnov Department:Production, World Sales Role:Co-Managing Director
294 Company:Reck Filmproduktion Switzerland Name:Franziska Reck Department:Production Role:Producer
17 Company:Reck Filmproduktion Switzerland Name:Küde Meier Department:Production Role:Production Assistant
841506 Company:Red Arrow Studios United Kingdom Name:Carlo Dusi Department:Distribution, Production, World Sales Role:EVP Commercial Strategy, Scripted
662 Company:Red House pProduzioni Italy Name:Fabio Scamoni Department:Production Role:Executive Producer
901029 Company:Rediance China Name:Meng Xie Department:World Sales Role:CEO
71356 Company:Redibis Film Italy Name:Daniele Segre Department:Production Role:Producer
527574 Company:Reel Suspects France Name:Matteo Lovadina Department:Production, World Sales Role:CEO
1127385 Company:Rekorder gmbh Germany Name:Alexis Delanoue Department:Production Role:Producer
1127384 Company:Rekorder gmbh Germany Name:Werner Klemm Department:Production Role:CEO
692077 Company:RIDM - Montreal International Documentary Festival Canada Name:Bruno Dequen Department:Festival Role:Artistic Director
1117858 Company:Ringo Media Spain Name:Mireia Graell Vivancos Department:Production Role:Producer
1107979 Company:Risolviamo Italy Name:Gianluca Cumani Department:Technical industry Role:Administrator
1108283 Company:Risolviamo Italy Name:Patrizia Zaio Department:Technical industry Role:Project Manager
655062 Company:Rita productions Switzerland Name:Marine Dumas Department:Production Role:Producer
1130016 Company:Riverside Productions Switzerland Name:Hans Peter Riegel Department:Production, Screenwriter Role:Chairman
478966 Company:ROCC Film Germany Name:Christian Martin Schäfer Department:Production Role:Producer
739829 Company:ROCC Film Germany Name:Dominique Favre Department:Production Role:Producer
71182 Company:ROCC Film Germany Name:Eva-Maria Pfaffen Department:Production Role:Junior Producer
1042677 Company:ROCC Film Germany Name:Katrin Blättler Department:Production Role:Producer
906945 Company:Rocket Science United Kingdom Name:Diane Ferrandez Department:World Sales Role:International Sales
12194 Company:Roma Lazio Film Commission Italy Name:Luciano Sovena Department:Film Fund Role:President
28500 Company:Rough Cat Switzerland Name:Nicola Bernasconi Department:Production Role:Producer
690983 Company:RPlan Switzerland Name:Rhea Plangg Department:Production Role:Producer
140885 Company:RTC Media Germany Name:Rudy Tjio Department:Distribution, Festival, Industry Services, Role:Head of International Acquisitions
16836 Company:RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse Switzerland Name:Alix Nicole Department:Film Fund, TV Distribution Role:Head of Fiction Programming
1128240 Company:RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse Switzerland Name:Carole Thévenaz Department:Production Role:Commissioning Editor
3810 Company:RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse Switzerland Name:Françoise Mayor Department:Film Fund, TV Distribution Role:Manager Fiction Unit, Doc & Original Series
118875 Company:RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse Switzerland Name:Gaspard Lamunière Department:Film Fund, TV Distribution Role:Commissioning Editor
41689 Company:RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse Switzerland Name:Izabela Maria Rieben Department:Production Role:Industry Expert
120221 Company:RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse Switzerland Name:Patrick Suhner Department:Production, TV Distribution Role:Commissioning Editor / Producer
167818 Company:RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse Switzerland Name:Sandrine Waller Department:TV Distribution Role:Fiction TV Buyer
1035003 Company:RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse Switzerland Name:Steven Artels Department:Film Commission, Film Fund, TV Distribution Role:Head of Documentaries
152163 Company:Rushlake Media GmbH Germany Name:Philipp Hoffmann Department:World Sales Role:Founder, Managing Director
900291 Company:Russian Report Russia Name:Roman Dorofeev Department:Distribution Role:Acquisition Executive
1082208 Company:Salón de Belleza Mexico Name:Alejandra Villalba García Department:Distribution, Production Role:Head of Distribution
1134637 Company:Samy Rebaa Consultants France Name:Gwenaelle Gernioux Department:Development / Training, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Cinema Advisor
1117995 Company:Samy Rebaa Consultants France Name:Samy Rebaa Department:Development / Training, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Consulting Sponsoring /Investor
571557 Company:San Sebastian International Film Festival Spain Name:Víctor Iriarte Department:Festival Role:Selection Committee
566530 Company:Sarrazink Productions France Name:Sarah Sobol Department:Production Role:Producer
12193 Company:Satine Film Italy Name:Claudia Bedogni Department:Distribution, Production Role:Head of Acquisitions & Co-productions
1112147 Company:Satine Film Italy Name:Silvana Pellicciari Department:Distribution Role:Consultant for Acquisitions, Marketing & Promotion
963470 Company:School of Arts, Universidade Católica Portuguesa Portugal Name:Daniel Ribas Department:Film School Role:Programmer, Curator
769539 Company:Schweizer Jugendfilmtage Switzerland Name:Ivana Kvesic Department:Festival Role:Festival Director
696705 Company:Schweizer Jugendfilmtage Switzerland Name:Katja Morand Department:Festival Role:Festival Director
1119476 Company:Sciara s.r.l. Italy Name:Marco Lo Curzio Department:Buyer, Development / Training, Production Role:Co-Producer
11004 Company:Screen international Germany Name:Martin Blaney Department:Industry Trade Press Role:Correspondent
1131560 Company:Sean Glass USA Name:Sean Glass Department:Production Role:Creative Director
245647 Company:Second Run DVD United Kingdom Name:Mehelli Modi Department:Distribution Role:Managing Director
387966 Company:Senorita Films France Name:Rita Dagher Department:Production Role:Producer
962582 Company:Seti Sagl Switzerland Name:Roberto Mucchiut Department:Industry Services, Production, Technical industry Role:Producer
633491 Company:Seven Plus Editions Switzerland Name:Monica De Almeida Department:Industry Services Role:Co-Founder
321597 Company:Shanghai International Film Festival China Name:Chen Jie Department:Festival Role:Manager of Forum Department
1117147 Company:Shanghai International Film Festival China Name:Yangguang Jin Department:Festival Role:Director of the Forum Department
1117132 Company:Shanghai International Film Festival China Name:Yuanxing Huang Department:Festival Role:Director, Finance Department
864185 Company:Shanghai International Film Festival China Name:Zhao Jia Department:Festival Role:Manager
972858 Company:Shellac France Name:Félicie Roger Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:Sales Manager
39982 Company:Shellac France Name:Thomas Ordonneau Department:Distribution, Production Role:Head of Acquisitions
43426 Company:SilkWay Films Germany Name:Silke Wilfinger Department:Distribution Role:CEO
565203 Company:Silver Sword International Canada Name:Michael A. Calace Department:Distribution, Production Role:CEO
1110528 Company:Singapore Film Commission Singapore Name:Kristin Saw Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Assistant Director
802174 Company:Singapore International Film Festival Singapore Name:Ming-Jung Kuo Department:Festival Role:Program Director
1067948 Company:Singapore International Film Festival Singapore Name:Olivia Tay Department:Development / Training, Festival Role:Programme Executive
6682 Company:Sister Distribution Switzerland Name:Abel Davoine Department:Distribution Role:Distributor
963720 Company:Sister Distribution Switzerland Name:Mélanie Courvoisier Department:Distribution Role:Distributor
12425 Company:SKV-ACS Association Cinématographique Suisse Switzerland Name:Cédric Bourquard Department:Film Fund Role:Secretary General
718953 Company:Slingshot Films Italy Name:Manuela Buono Department:Production, World Sales Role:Sales Agent
1109900 Company:Smile Entertainment Denmark Name:Timo T. Lahtinen Department:Buyer, Distribution, Production Role:President - CEO
505 Company:Soap Factory GmbH Switzerland Name:Frank Matter Department:Production Role:Producer
322556 Company:Solothurner Filmtage Switzerland Name:Anita Hugi Department:Festival Role:Director
18864 Company:Solothurner Filmtage Switzerland Name:David Wegmueller Department:Festival Role:Programmer
760696 Company:Solothurner Filmtage Switzerland Name:Marianne Wirth Department:Festival Role:Programmer
949041 Company:Solothurner Filmtage Switzerland Name:Tanja Weibel Department:Festival Role:Hospitality & Accreditations, Project Manager Cinetour
992660 Company:Solothurner Filmtage Switzerland Name:Veronika Roos Department:Festival Role:General Manager
894173 Company:Some Shorts Netherlands Name:Wouter Jansen Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:Sales Agent
1111028 Company:Southeast Asia Fiction Film Lab (SEAFIC) Thailand Name:Komtouch Napattaloong Department:Development / Training Role:Lab Manager
446218 Company:Spamflix Portugal Name:Markus Duffner Department:Distribution, VoD Platform Role:CEO
1112441 Company:Spike Island United Kingdom Name:Alexandra Roche Department:Production Role:Head of Commissions
1107289 Company:Spinoza Productions Lebanon Name:Nael Gharzeddine Department:Development / Training, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing, Production Role:Chief Executive Officer
1122826 Company:Spot Film Russia Name:Mikhail Marizov Department:Production Role:Producer
8959 Company:Spot On Distribution Switzerland Name:Lukas Diehl Department:Distribution, VOD distributor Role:Managing Director
973943 Company:Spot On Distribution Switzerland Name:Manon Rüfli Department:Distribution, VOD distributor Role:Acquisition Theatrical
897050 Company:SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen Switzerland Name:Baptiste Planche Department:Film Fund, Production Role:Department Fiction
149443 Company:SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen Switzerland Name:Eva Schweizer Department:Film Fund, TV Distribution Role:Programmer SRF 1 / SRF info
1134443 Company:SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen Switzerland Name:Fabienne Andreoli Department:Film Fund, Production Role:Editor, Department Fiction & Coproductions
1035300 Company:SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen Switzerland Name:Gabriela Bloch Steinmann Department:Film Fund, Production Role:Editor
700 Company:SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen Switzerland Name:Heinz Schweizer Department:Film Fund, TV Distribution Role:Head of Acquisitions Fiction and Factual
77890 Company:SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen Switzerland Name:Isabel Bader Department:Production, Technical industry Role:TV-Production Assistant
16438 Company:SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen Switzerland Name:Libor Tesàcek Department:Film Fund, Production, Technical industry Role:Copy Editor
197128 Company:SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen Switzerland Name:Nicole Pallecchi Department:Production, TV Distribution Role:Programmer TV-Channel 3sat
315375 Company:SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen Switzerland Name:Tamara Mattle Department:Film Fund, Production Role:Project Manager Pacte and Coproductions
7787 Company:SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen Switzerland Name:Urs Fitze Department:Film Fund, Production, TV Distribution Role:Head of Fiction
634429 Company:SRG SSR Switzerland Name:Darina Frandsen Department:Film Fund, TV Distribution Role:Coordination Specialist
2374 Company:SRG SSR Switzerland Name:Gregory Catella Department:Film Fund, TV Distribution Role:General Management National & International Coproductions
13508 Company:SRG SSR Switzerland Name:Irène Challand Department: Role:Head of Documentaries
43978 Company:SRG SSR Switzerland Name:Sven Wälti Department:Film Fund, TV Distribution Role:Head of Coproductions
1109972 Company:StagePool AB Germany Name:Ariane Reisenweber Department:Talent Agency Role:Key Account Castings & Auditions
1110515 Company:Staragara Slovenia Name:Miha Cernec Department:Production Role:Producer
767364 Company:Start Italy Name:Riccardo Annoni Department:Production Role:Producer
636343 Company:Stattkino Berlin e. V. | Lichtblick Kino Berlin Germany Name:Elisa Rosi Department:Exhibitor Role:Head Programmer
1112906 Company:StereoSonique Mexico Name:Jorge Eduardo Ramirez Varela Department:Production Role:Producer
1120835 Company:Stigma Films Ltd United Kingdom Name:Matthew James Wilkinson Department:Production Role:Producer
71678 Company:Still Moving France Name:Pierre Menahem Department:Production, World Sales Role:Production & International Sales
1110766 Company:Story Vehicle Poland Name:Rafal Sakowski Department:Buyer, Production Role:Producer
937573 Company:Stray Dogs France Name:Lison Hervé Department:World Sales Role:Sales & Acquisitions
691 Company:Suissimage Switzerland Name:Corinne Frei Department:Film Fund, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Delegate for the French-Speaking Switzerland
816111 Company:Sulaco Film GmbH Switzerland Name:Peter Zwierko Department:Production Role:Producer / Owner-Manager
874585 Company:Summerside International Italy Name:Francesca Manno Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:CEO
939257 Company:Summerside International Italy Name:Nicola Tassoni Department:Distribution, Production, World Sales Role:Co-Founder
186132 Company:Sundance Film Festival USA Name:John Nein Department:Festival Role:Senior Programmer
276768 Company:Sunstone Entertainment India Name:Sanjay Jumani Department:Distribution Role:Managing Director
236053 Company:Superfine Films India Name:Kamal Jain Department:Distribution Role:CEO
807529 Company:Surtsey Films Spain Name:Miguel Pérez Department:Distribution Role:Managing Director
66006 Company:Swipe Films United Kingdom Name:Frank Mannion Department:Buyer, Distribution, Production, Role:Managing Director
1052523 Company:Swipe Films United Kingdom Name:Oxana Popkova Department:Distribution, Production Role:Acquisitions
457603 Company:Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC Switzerland Name:Barbara Aebischer Department:Institution Role:Culture & Development
815268 Company:Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC Switzerland Name:Géraldine Zeuner Department:Institution Role:Head of Culture & Development
1112380 Company:Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC Switzerland Name:Jürg Schneider Department:Film Fund, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Programme Officer
646024 Company:Swiss Fair Trade Switzerland Name:Claire Fischer Torricelli Department:Institution Role:Project Manager Fair Trade Town
13377 Company:Swiss Film Producers Association Switzerland Name:Thomas Tribolet Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing, Production Role:Managing Director
694345 Company:SWISS FILMS Switzerland Name:Andreas Bühlmann Department:Institution, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Industry & Film Consultant
661955 Company:SWISS FILMS Switzerland Name:Catherine Ann Berger Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Managing Director
2247 Company:SWISS FILMS Switzerland Name:Josefa Haas Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:President
837261 Company:Syndicado Film Sales Canada Name:Aleksandar Govedarica Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:Co-Founder
935693 Company:Sørfond Norway Name:Per Eirik Gilsvik Department:Festival, Film Fund Role:Project Manager
13025 Company:Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival Estonia Name:Tiina Lokk-Tramberg Department:Festival Role:Festival Director
332967 Company:Tandem Production Germany Name:Anna Katchko Department:Production Role:Producer
251661 Company:Taurus Studio Switzerland Name:Claude Lander Department:Technical industry Role:Owner
570931 Company:Taurus Studio Switzerland Name:Maria Lander Department:Technical industry Role:Administrator
1117187 Company:Tbilisi International Film Festival Georgia Name:Gurami Ghonghadze Department:Festival Role:Program Coordinator
971976 Company:Telewizja Polsat Poland Name:Magdalena Janeczek Department:Distribution, TV Distribution Role:Licensing Department Director
559062 Company:Tell me the story Switzerland Name:Hélène Faget Department:Production Role:Producer
100950 Company:Teodora Film Italy Name:Margherita Chiti Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:Head of Acquisitions & Sales, Partner
1111906 Company:Terra Incognita Films Georgia Name:Giorgi Kobalia Department:Production Role:Producer
1110761 Company:Terra Nostra Films Mexico Name:Daniela Contreras Department:Development / Training, Production Role:Producer
321697 Company:Terrain Vague Switzerland Name:Marie-Elsa Sgualdo Department:Production Role:Co-founder, Producer
1113522 Company:The Abounaddara Collective Syria Name:Charif Kiwan Department:Production Role:Producer
1108914 Company:The Finnish Film Foundation Finland Name:Marjo Pipinen Department:Film Fund Role:Communications Specialist
149878 Company:The Hollywood Reporter USA Name:Boyd Van Hoeij Department:Industry Trade Press Role:Film Critic
456749 Company:The Hollywood Reporter USA Name:Neil Young Department: Role:Reviewer, Critic
1098819 Company:The Houston Cinema Arts Society USA Name:Jessica Green Department:Festival, Production Role:Artistic Director
1133467 Company:The Match Factory Germany Name:Joyce V. Newrzella Department:World Sales Role:Festival Assistant
7104 Company:The Match Factory Germany Name:Michael Weber Department:Production, World Sales Role:Managing Director
701882 Company:The Match Factory Germany Name:Thania Dimitrakopoulou Department:World Sales Role:Head of Sales
8454 Company:The Open Reel Italy Name:Cosimo Santoro Department:Production, World Sales Role:CEO
1107760 Company:The Open Reel Italy Name:Marius Gabriel Stancu Department:Production, World Sales Role:Festival Manager
1222 Company:The Walt Disney Company (Switzerland) GmbH Switzerland Name:Marcel Dinten Department:Distribution Role:Director & Head of Theatrical
688480 Company:The Walt Disney Company (Switzerland) GmbH Switzerland Name:Marco Schaerer Department:Distribution, TV Distribution Role:Junior PR & Communications Manager
823331 Company:The Write Retreat Sweden Name:Marietta von Hauswolff von Baumgarten Department:Development / Training Role:Script Advisor
347 Company:Thelma Film Switzerland Name:Pierre-Alain Meier Department:Production, Technician Role:Producer
1123104 Company:Theory at Work Serbia Name:Dragana Jovovic Department:Production Role:Producer
1114370 Company:Theory at Work Serbia Name:Marta Popivoda Department:Production Role:Producer / Director
252697 Company:Thera Production Switzerland Name:Julien Rouyet Department:Production Role:Producer
572702 Company:Thera Production Switzerland Name:Kaspar Schiltknecht Department:Production Role:Producer
130474 Company:Thessaloniki International Film Festival Greece Name:Ilse Acevedo Department:Festival Role:International Program Coordinator
537744 Company:Third United Kingdom Name:Samm Haillay Department:Production Role:Producer
1109549 Company:Three Brothers Estonia Name:Elina Litvinova Department:Production Role:Producer
886546 Company:Ticino Film Commission Switzerland Name:Giulia Bottani Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Management & Communication
117756 Company:Ticino Film Commission Switzerland Name:Lisa Barzaghi Department:Institution, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Event Manager
644955 Company:Ticino Film Commission Switzerland Name:Nicola Pini Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:President
830365 Switzerland Name:Marzio Picchetti Department:Technical industry Role:Lighting Designer, Technical Director
6996 Company:TILT Production Switzerland Name:Kaspar Winkler Department:Production Role:CEO
13817 Company:TILT Production Switzerland Name:Sabine Girsberger Department:Distribution, Production Role:CEO, Producer, Distributor
1273 Company:Tipi'mages Productions Switzerland Name:Francine Lusser Department:Production Role:Producer
321163 Company:Tipi'mages Productions Switzerland Name:Gérard Monier Department:Production Role:Producer
571700 Company:Tokyo Theater Co., Ltd Japan Name:Toshikazu Nishigaya Department:Production Role:Producer
1115236 Company:Topkapi Films Netherlands Name:Arnold Heslenfeld Department:Production Role:Producer
1113733 Company:Topkapi Films Netherlands Name:Frans van Gestel Department:Production Role:Producer
1119850 Company:Topkapi Films Netherlands Name:Lisette van Dalen Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing, Production Role:Publicity and Marketing
7703 Company:Torino Film Festival Italy Name:Davide Oberto Department:Festival Role:Curator TFFdoc & italiana.corti
1411 Company:Torino Film Festival Italy Name:Emanuela Martini Department:Festival Role:Artistic Director
1017282 Company:Torino Short Film Market Italy Name:Jacopo Chessa Department:Festival, Institution Role:Managing Director
12810 Company:Torofilm Switzerland Name:Nicolas Joray Department:Production Role:Producer
700572 Company:Tourmalet Films Spain Name:Mayi Gutierrez Department:Production Role:Producer
41529 Company:Transatlantyk Festival Poland Name:Joanna Lapinska Department:Festival Role:Director of Programming
170247 Company:Tribeca Film Festival USA Name:Frédéric Boyer Department:Festival Role:Artistic Director
1109422 Company:TRIPLE Entertainment Switzerland Name:Francoise Fazio Department:Production Role:Producer
1109411 Company:TRIPLE Entertainment Switzerland Name:John Reddington Department:Production Role:Producer
842317 Company:True Color Sagl Switzerland Name:Michel Vogel Department:Production Role:Producer
755066 Company:True Colours Glorious Films Italy Name:Francesca Tiberi Department:World Sales Role:Sales Executive
87492 Company:TrustNordisk Denmark Name:Susan Wendt Department:World Sales Role:Director
1121388 Company:Tulsea Pictures Private Limited India Name:Datta Dave Department:Talent Agency Role:Founder, CEO
3574 Company:Turnus Film AG Switzerland Name:Hans Syz Department:Production Role:Producer
1084857 Company:TVCO Italy Name:Billy Montacchini Department:Distribution, World Sales Role:Festival & Acquisition Manager
1021423 Company:TVCO Italy Name:Vincenzo Mosca Department:World Sales Role:President
638092 Company:TWOSA Films Switzerland Name:Sabine Bally Department:Production Role:Producer
824183 Company:UCM.ONE GmbH Germany Name:Joachim Keil Department:Distribution, Industry Services Role:Managing Director
1060168 Company:UCM.ONE GmbH Germany Name:Tatjana Keil Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Acquisitions Manager
1116614 Company:Uma Pedra no Sapato Portugal Name:Vasco Costa Department:Production Role:Producer
768231 Company:UNCUT Switzerland Name:Georges Pauchard Department:Exhibitor, Festival Role:Programmer
984919 Company:UNCUT Switzerland Name:Maximilien Jung Department:Festival Role:Programmer
989862 Company:Unifrance France Name:Johanna von Hessen Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Project Manager
208673 Company:Unifrance France Name:Jérémy Segay Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Korea & South-East Asia Representative
14731 Company:Unifrance France Name:Sylvain Auzou Department:Institution, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Director Festivals and Talents
920229 Company:Unifrance France Name:Sébastien Cauchon Department:Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Director of Communications
1005388 Company:Unité de Production France Name:Caroline Nataf Department:Production Role:Producer
2668 Company:University of Zurich, Executive Master in Art Market Studies Switzerland Name:Christoph B. Graber Department:Development / Training, Institution Role:Member of the Executive Committee
208147 Company:Urban Distribution International France Name:Delphyne Besse Department:World Sales Role:Head of Sales & Acquisitions
724196 Company:Urucu Media South Africa Name:Elias Ribeiro Department:Development / Training, Production Role:Producer
1082116 Company:Vaivem Ecuador Name:Tomás Astudillo Department:Distribution, Production Role:Distributor
1114665 Company:Vanishing Angle USA Name:Matt Miller Department:Production Role:President
1114663 Company:Vanishing Angle USA Name:Natalie Metzger Department:Production Role:VP of Production and Development
1117749 Company:Vanishing Elephant South Africa Name:Petrus van Staden Department:Production Role:Producer
127872 Company:Variety USA Name:John Hopewell Department:Industry Trade Press Role:International Features Editor
127866 Company:Variety USA Name:Leo Barraclough Department: Role:
4423 Company:Variety USA Name:Nick Vivarelli Department:Industry Trade Press Role:Foreign Correspondent, Rome
193928 Company:Vega Film AG Switzerland Name:Niza Lou Waldburger Department:Distribution, Production Role:Distributor
456751 Company:Venice International Film Festival Italy Name:Paolo Bertolin Department:Festival Role:Consultant
994078 Company:Ventura Film Switzerland Name:Andres Pfäffli Department:Production Role:Producer
48687 Company:Ventura Film Switzerland Name:Elda Guidinetti Department:Production Role:Producer
763232 Company:Ventura Film Switzerland Name:Mara Manzolini Department:Production Role:Junior Producer
886799 Company:Victory Republic Productions France Name:Vladelyte Valdez Department:Production Role:Producer
273 Company:Videoladen Produktion GmbH Switzerland Name:René Baumann Department:Production Role:Producer
89020 Company:Viennale Austria Name:Eva Sangiorgi Department:Festival Role:Festival Director
1112381 Company:Vigo Film Turkey Name:Alara Hamamcioglu Department:Production, Technician Role:Producer
1109363 Company:Vilnius International Film Festival Lithuania Name:Manté Valiunaité Department:Festival Role:Artistic Director
900018 Company:Vinca Film GmbH Switzerland Name:Nina Anouk Kovacs Department:Distribution Role:Distributor
19507 Company:Vinca Film GmbH Switzerland Name:Urs Suter Department:Distribution Role:Distributor
822268 Company:Visioncapture Media Philippines Name:Evelyn Vargas-Knaebel Department:Production Role:Producer
8899 Company:Visions du Réel - International Film Festival Nyon Switzerland Name:Emilie Bujès Department:Festival Role:Artistic Director
636522 Company:Visions du Réel - International Film Festival Nyon Switzerland Name:Gudula Meinzolt Department:Festival Role:Head of Industry
194503 Company:Visions du Réel - International Film Festival Nyon Switzerland Name:Martine Chalverat Department:Festival Role:Managing Director
1129678 Company:Visions du Réel - International Film Festival Nyon Switzerland Name:Pauline Cazorla Department:Festival Role:Commuincation Manager
984 Company:Visions Sud Est Switzerland Name:Margaret Viermann Department:Film Fund Role:Office Manager
461 Company:Visions Sud Est Switzerland Name:Walter Ruggle Department:Film Fund Role:Member of the Board
697954 Company:Vivo film srl Italy Name:Gregorio Paonessa Department:Production Role:Producer
115408 Company:Vivo film srl Italy Name:Marta Donzelli Department:Production Role:Producer
109823 Company:Volkart Foundation (Ex. George Foundation) Switzerland Name:Peter Frei Department:Film Fund Role:Board Member
1116020 Company:Volte Slagen Germany Name:Michel Balagué Department:Production Role:Producer
1028126 Company:vy/ac Productions Philippines Name:Alemberg Ang Department:Production, Talent Agency Role:Producer
172740 Company:W-film Germany Name:Stephan Winkler Department:Distribution, VoD Platform Role:Producer, Distributor, Director
167115 Company:Wallonie Bruxelles Images Belgium Name:Eric Franssen Department:Institution, Institution for audiovisual promotion and marketing Role:Director
26065 Company:Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia Srl Italy Name:Domizia De Rosa Department:Distribution Role:Executive Director Television
570669 Company:Weg India India Name:Amit Jumani Department:Distribution Role:Acquisitions
4710 Company:Weltfilm GmbH Germany Name:Kristina Konrad Department:Production Role:Producer, Managing Director
551548 Company:Weltkino Filmverleih Germany Name:Bianca Obermaier Department:Distribution Role:Acquisitions
895123 Company:White Light Post Thailand Name:Lee Chatametikool Department:Production, Technical industry Role:Partner
255518 Company:Wide France Name:Marco Urizzi Department:World Sales Role:International Sales & EoF Project Coordinator
314882 Company:Wild Bunch France Name:Marie Pierre Vallé Department:Buyer, World Sales Role:Head of Acquisitions
231800 Company:Wildside srl Italy Name:Lorenzo Mieli Department:Production Role:CEO
39997 Company:X Verleih AG Germany Name:Milada Kolberg Department:Distribution, Production Role:Head of Acquisitions
326 Company:Xenix Filmdistribution GmbH Switzerland Name:Cyril Thurston Department:Distribution Role:Managing Director
152275 Company:Xenix Filmdistribution GmbH Switzerland Name:Jan Klemenz Department:Distribution Role:Acquisition & Sales
771637 Company:Yoo/Guest Productions USA Name:Haden Guest Department:Production Role:Producer
12536 Company:Yume Pictures Ltd United Kingdom Name:Chris Oosterom Department:Development / Training, Distribution, Festival Role:Managing Director
1112382 Company:Yumurta Yapim Sanat Turkey Name:Öykü Canlı Department:Production Role:Producer, Owner
1082161 Company:Zawya Cinema & Distribution Egypt Name:Ahmed Sobky Department:Distribution Role:Head of Sales, Acquisitions & Theatrical Distribution
1113717 Company:ZDF Germany Name:Thomas Bellut Department:TV Distribution, Video Distribution Role:General Director
5612 Company:Zero Fiction Film Germany Name:Martin Hagemann Department:Production Role:Producer
1110740 Company:Zhao Wei Films Singapore Name:Junxiang Huang Department:Production Role:Producer
833722 Company:Zooscope Switzerland Name:Michael Mitchell Department:Production Role:Produttore
974837 Company:Zuger Filmtage Switzerland Name:Eveline Stalder - BASECAMP Department:Festival Role:Festival Director
166838 Company:Zurich Film Festival Switzerland Name:Christian Jungen Department:Festival Role:Senior Programmer
63591 Company:Zurich Film Festival Switzerland Name:Georg Bütler Department:Festival Role:Senior Programmer
1119218 Company:Zurich Film Festival Switzerland Name:Iria Gutscher Department:Festival Role:Senior Programmer / Industry
833865 Company:Zurich Film Festival Switzerland Name:Reta Guetg Department:Festival Role:Head of Industry, Programmer
1060332 Company:Zürcher Filmstiftung Switzerland Name:Ernst Wohlwend Department:Film Fund, Institution Role:Member of Foundation Board
1066243 Company:Zürcher Filmstiftung Switzerland Name:Julia Kraettli Department:Film Fund Role:Director
12752 Company:Zürcher Filmstiftung Switzerland Name:Susa Katz Department:Film Fund Role:Deputy Manager

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