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With the physical event of Locarno73 cancelled, the Festival is temporarily reinventing itself by launching Locarno 2020 – For the Future of Films.

All details available in our official FAQs


The Press Office is located on the first floor of the Palazzo Sopacenerina. We remain at your disposal for any further information. While waiting to welcome you to Locarno. We send you our best regards. 

Giada Peter
Head of Press Office 

Fiorenza Conforti 

e: press@locarnofestival.ch 
t: +41 91 756 21 21 

Over the eleven days of the Festival, our press officers, as well as the team of the Press Office, will be at your disposal offering you the following services:

1. MyFestival

MyFestival is a personal account, linked to your press accreditation, to browse the website www.locarnofestival.ch and the new official App of the Locarno Film Festival. The films will be available in the Digital Library from August 7 until August 24, 2019 (unless otherwise specified by the rights holders). For more information on how to create your MyFestival account click here.

On MyFestival you can receive information and notifications to stay up to date on screenings and events of the Festival, as well as create your own personal program (MyProgram).

The MyFestival account also allows you to enter the reserved press area that gives you access to:

By accessing the MyFestival account it is also possible to download photographic material and stills of films in high resolution. For more information on how to download photos and stills click here.

We remind you that the photographs of the Festival are to be used as part of the communication on the Locarno Film Festival. Please keep the copyright which is overlay or directly in the photo.

If there is no reference, please use the copyright ©LocarnoFilmFestival.

For further information, questions or problems in accessing your MyFestival account you can write to helpdesk@locarnofestival.ch or call +41 (0) 91 756 62 30

2. Digital Library

To make it easier to view most of the films presented in the official sections, the Locarno Film Festival provides free of charge professionals (press and industry) with an online Digital Library accessible through the MyFestival account.

Through the MyFestival area, in the MyDigitalLibrary section, it is possible to view most of the films presented in the official sections of the Festival.

Please note: the availability of the films in the Digital Library depends on the authorization granted to us by the right holders. For this reason, not all films from the Locarno Film Festival selection will be available.

ATTNENTION: If the Wi-Fi connection is not optimal, display problems may occur. Please make sure your Internet connection is working. Wi-Fi technology is highly dependent on network interference and congestion.

For more information and details click here.

For questions or technical problems please contact the Help Desk: helpdesk@locarnofestival.ch +41 (0) 91 756 62 30

3. Interview coordination

Interviews with jurors, and with the President and Director of the Festival are planned and coordinated by the internal press officers of the Locarno Film Festival. They can be contacted through the Festival’s Press Office:

  • Giada Peter, Italian-language Swiss press
  • Stephen Lan, English-language press and all other territories
  • Frauke Greiner, German and Austrian press
  • Ursula Pfander, French- and German-language Swiss press
  • Chloé Lorenzi, French press
  • Patrizia Wachter, Lorena Borghi, Italian press

For interviews with directors, casts of films in the official selection, and special guests, please refer to the press agents list, which is available through the MyFestival Account.

4. Press Room

The Press Room is a work place reserved only for accredited journalists in possession of the Press Room Card, which can be purchased at a cost of CHF 20 during the accreditation process or directly at the Accreditation Desk at the Festival Center (Palazzo Sopracenerina, Piazza Grande 5, 6600 Locarno)

In the Press Room there are computers with internet connection, printers, fax, telephones, video conference headsets and workstations.

The Press Room is located on the 2nd floor of Palazzo Marcacci (Piazza Grande 18, 6600 Locarno).

Opening hours:
August 7 – 17:
10 am – 7.30 pm

5. Press Lounge

The Press Lounge, a meeting and work venue for journalists located, this year, at the Bistro Restaurant of the Locarno Casinò (Largo F. Zorzi 1), will be open daily from 9 am to 11.45 am and offers coffee, drinks and snacks.

To have lunch at the restaurant, please register with the staff by 11 am. Coffee will be offered.

Opening hours:

7 – 17 August

9 am– 11.45 am

6. Press Accreditation

You can request your press accreditation for the 72nd edition of the Locarno Film Festival here.

The cost of the accreditation is of CHF 50. Please note that accreditation applications submitted after 22 July 2019 are subject to a surcharge of CHF 30.

For further information: +41 91 756 21 21

Press accreditation is reserved for journalists and information operators belonging to the following categories:

  • written press
  • online press
  • photographers
  • press offices of the delegations of the films being selected

NB: The press accreditation is issued only to information operators able to guarantee media coverage of the event.

Press accreditation offers:

  • access to the viewing of all the films of the Festival
  • access to press releases
  • access to the Press Lounge
  • access to the Press Room with internet with a supplement of CHF 20
  • access to the Digital Video Library online with the offer of titles in the official selection
  • access to all conferences and initiatives related to the selected films
  • official catalog
  • invitation to the opening and closing reception
  • Festival Gadget

The press accreditation can be collected at the Accreditation Desk at the Festival Center located at Palazzo Sopracenerina (Piazza Grande 5, 6600 Locarno).

Opening hours :

Tuesday 6 August: 10 am – 7 pm

From Wednesday 7 August: 9 am – 7 pm

7. Wi-Fi

Wireless Internet is available inside the Festival Center (Palazzo Sopracenerina, ground floor) and at the Spazio Cinema.

Access data are only available to accredited journalists who have a MyFestival press account and can access the reserved area on the site.

For more information click here.

Wi-Fi connection is available also at the Press Room (Palazzo Marcacci, Piazza Grande 18, 6600 Locarno), which is accessible only with the Press Room Card. 

8. Press Reviews

Your work is very important to us and we would be happy to receive your articles for our internal press review at the following address: rassegna.stampa@locarnofestival.ch

10. Technical Support

In case of questions or technical issues regarding:

  • Registration and Access
  • Digital Library and MyFestival reserved area
  • Wi-Fi Festival Access Points
  • Locarno Film Festival Application

Please contact us directly at helpdesk@locarnofestival.ch using the contact form below. We will be happy to assist you.

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