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Red Hollywood

USA  ·  1996  ·  Beta digital  ·  Color and Black and White  ·  112'  ·  o.v. English

This documentary looks at the “Red” Hollywood: films by screenwriters and directors who were communists, ex-communists or sympathizers and who were in some way implicated by the Hollywood investigations of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Drawing on their extensive research and an array of film clips, as well as on the reminiscences of blacklisted artists Paul Jarrico, Ring Lardner, Jr., Alfred Levitt and Abraham Polonsky, Red Hollywood reveals a largely neglected Hollywood legacy: films committed to raising questions regarding class, gender and racism, films that questioned the system itself, whether capitalism or the studio, and were answered with the blacklist.

New restored print.
Tuesday 13 | 8 | 2013  ·  14:00  ·  Cinema Rialto 1
Wednesday 14 | 8 | 2013  ·  21:15  ·  Cinema Rialto 2
Noël Burch Thom Andersen
Paul Jarrico Alfred Levitt Abraham Polonsky
Noël Burch, Thom Andersen

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