Jean-Marie Straub


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Jean-Marie Straub

Jean-Marie Straub was born in Metz in 1933. From 1962 onwards, along with Danièle Huillet (until 2006) he embarked on creating a body of work that has made an impact all over the world, which dazes the sonority of three languages, German (Böll, Hölderlin, Kafka, Brecht, Bach and Schönberg), Italian (Dante, Pavese, Fortini, Vittorini), French (Corneille, Mallarmé, Montaigne, Barrès, Bernanos, Malraux) and disorientates their territories (Cézanne). An aesthetic, political and existential crafting, unreconciled and resistant, addressed, with hope, to citizens whose thinking, ears and  “eyes cannot forever remain closed”. Which Jean-Marie Straub now continues with Barbara Ulrich in Switzerland.

2014 Kommunisten
1992 Antigone
1982 Trop tôt/trop tard
1967 Chronik der Anna Magdalena Bach
1965 Non réconciliés

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