Barbara Miller


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Barbara Miller

Barbara Miller has a degree in law and directed over fifteen documentaries including Forbidden Voices (2012) which won the Amnesty International Award in San Sebastian.

2016 Philipp Gurt – Rise from Hell
2012 Forbidden Voices
2009 Virtual Adultery... and Its Impact in Reality
2009 Whiplash – Light at the End of the Tunnel
2008 Sex in the Internet – Kids Watch Pornos, Parents Look Away
2007 Divorced Mothers
2006 Youth Violence
2005 Domestic Violence- When Family Becomes Hell
2005 Klitoris – The Unknown Beauty
2004 Blindman’s Buff – When Blind People Start Seeing
2003 Elisabeth Kopp – Rise and Fall of the First Federal Councilor
2003 Full-Fat – Slim Down at all Costs?
2002 The Summit Stormers – On the Road with Anti-Globalizers

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