Michael Steiner


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Michael Steiner

Michael Steiner, born 1969 in Hergiswil, Switzerland, directed some of the major successful Swiss films of the last years, such as Grounding – The Last Days of Swissair (2006). Rascals on the Road (2005) won the Swiss film prize for Best Movie in 2006 and the Audience Award for Best Children Movie at the Montreal Children Film Festival 2006. He also realized Sennentuntschi: Curse of the Alps (2010) and The Swiss Miss Massacre (2012).

2012 Das Missen Massaker
2010 Sennentuntschi
2006 Grounding - Die letzten Tage der Swissair
2005 Mein Name ist Eugen
2002 Der Tüftler
1996 Nacht der Gaukler 

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