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The Mercy of the Jungle  (The Mercy of the Jungle)

South Africa, Rwanda, Belgium  ·  Color  ·  90'


At the outbreak of the Second Congo War, Sergeant Xavier is sent into the vicious depths of the Congolese River Basin to hunt down those who perpetrated genocide in his native Rwanda four years ago. When he and a young private are accidentally left behind in the jungle, their bid for retribution turns into a struggle for pure survival. With only each other to count on, they embark on an odyssey across the most violent forest on earth, facing the depths of their own war-torn souls and the spiritual consequences of saving and taking lives.

Director’s note

The Mercy of the Jungle is a road movie that deals with wars in Congo through the eyes of two lost soldiers by showcasing their struggle, weakness and hope.

Production company profile

Neon Rouge Production is built on the desire to promote films of a higher quality. We nurture a promising generation of authors from all over the world. Our editorial line offers a different view on humanity with respect to the realities they are drawn from. Based in Brussels (Neon Rouge) and Paris (TACT), we can provide a single European solution for co-productions.

Selected filmography

Awaiting for Men, Katy Ndiaye (2007)
Around Luisa, Olga Baillif (in development)
The Belly of the Beast
, Eric d’Agostinoand Patrick Lémy (in postproduction)

Joel Karekezi
Aurélien Bodinaux, Brandon Auret
Neon Rouge Production
Based on
Original screenplay
Shooting format
4K : 35mm
Shooting location
Shooting start date
Expected completion date
Production status
Writing / Development
801,592 Euro
Financing in place
20,000 Euro

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