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Concorso internazionale

Dos disparos

Argentina, Chile, Germany, Netherlands  ·  2014  ·  DCP  ·  Color  ·  104'  ·  o.v. Spanish

One early morning, at the beginning of a very hot summer, Mariano, a sixteen-year-old teenager, returns home, jumps into the pool and does some laps with a stopwatch. Then he gets out and mows the lawn, where he accidentally cuts the mower’s power cord when he runs over it. Set on fixing it, he goes to find tools but stumbles across a gun that he brings back to his room to shoot himself twice. But Mariano survives: one bullet just grazed his head and the other one, he believes, is stuck somewhere inside his body even if the doctors can’t find it anywhere, nor any exit wound for that matter. The only aftereffect he seems to have is a mysterious double-note when he plays music with his friends, which according to him is probably the result of the bullet still being inside him. But Mariano’s impulsive act will have other consequences on the people surrounding him…

Monday 11 | 8 | 2014  ·  16:30  ·  Palexpo (FEVI)  ·  Sub. English,French
Tuesday 12 | 8 | 2014  ·  09:00  ·  Palexpo (FEVI)  ·  Sub. English,French
Wednesday 13 | 8 | 2014  ·  18:30  ·  PalaVideo  ·  Sub. English
Martin Rejtman
Susana Pampin Rafael Federman Laura Paredes Mariel Fernández Benjamín Coelho Manuela Martelli Walter Jakob Camila Fabbri María Inés Sancerni Fabián Arenillas Claudia Cantero Daniela Pal
Violeta Bava, Rosa Martínez Rivero, Bruno Bettati, Christoph Friedel, Jan van der Zanden
Lucio Bonelli
Diego Vainer
Paola Delgado
Martin Rejtman
Diego Martínez Rivero, David Miranda Hardy
Martin Mainoli
Art Director
Mariela Rípodas
Ruda Cine
Jirafa Films

Waterland Film

Pandora Film Produktion

Alta Definición Argentina

Fortuna Films

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