Jessica Sarah Rinland


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Jessica Sarah Rinland

Argentinian-British artist filmmaker Jessica Sarah Rinland has exhibited work at New York Film Festival, London Film Festival, Mar del Plata, Rotterdam, Oberhausen, Edinburgh. She has won awards at Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento, Ann Arbor Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, and she won the MIT Schnitzer Prize.

2018 Black Pond
2016 Schools Interior: The Flight of an Ostrich
2016 The Blind Labourer
2016 Expression of the Sightless
2016 Ý Berá: Aguas de Luz
2015 Necropsy of a Harbour Porpoise (Seeing From our Eyes into Theirs)
2014 Not As Old As The Trees
2014 Adeline for Leaves
2013 Description of a Struggle
2013 A Boiled Skeleton
2012 Electric Oil
2010 Nulepsy
2009 The Big Fish Theory
2009 Nulepsy Attack
2008 To Rock and to Cease
2008 The Laughing Man
2008 Fog
2008 Darse Cuenta
2007 Bosque

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