Piazza Grande Guide

Print run 180’000 copies
Italian, German and French
Available at K-Kiosk and Press&Books throughout Switzerland, at the venues of the event and on the Festival’s website

2023 data

A foretaste of the edition and other opportunities offered by the region to better prepare one's stay in Locarno: the Piazza Grande Guide reaches a wide audience and features interviews with incoming guests, tips on the most exciting side activities to take part in during the Festival and a preview of the main events for the audience. 

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Half page (246 x 181 mm) 10’000.–
1/4 page (246 x 88,5 mm) 6’000.–
Half page 5’000.–
1/4 page 3’000.–

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Technicals Details
  • Format: 270 x 390 mm
  • Paper: 60 gr white, 4 color print (CMYK)
  • Print: early July
  • Pages: 12 or 16 pages

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