News  ·  15 | 08 | 2019

Looking for the character

Pardi di Domani - August 15th

The short films in this Pardi Di Domani session come from Brazil, Italy and Switzerland. They all pay tribute to their characters and give them a central place: through the importance of words, sound, and the family ties that bind them to their loved ones. The viewer is invited to take part.

Tomas von der Osten's film A Street Under allows us to witness the sad and tender reunion of a brother and sister. This movie can only surprise us by the performance of these actors, especially during a monologue dedicated to a complete stranger, which allows the story to be told, as if the actress were addressing the audience directly. The director is not completely unknown in Locarno: he is also an editor, notably for the short film Story of a feather by Leonardo Mouramateus, which was selected for Pardi Di Domani in 2015.

Unfinished by Tiziano Doria and Samira Guadagnuolo is the Italian film of the Pardi Di Domani 2019 selection. The two directors are also the founding members of an association that produces movies shot on film, including their own one. "Incompiuta", the title of their short film, is dedicated to a symbolic place in the story: Venosa Trinity Abbey, whose construction has never been completed. This feeling of absence, nostalgia and search for the sacred is evident throughout the film. It takes the viewer into a melancholic introspection spent with with several women from the same family, as if immersed in their daily lives.

Das Leben ist eines der Leichtesten by Marion Nyffenegger is one of the animation films of the Swiss selection and was directed by a student from the Luzern school. Using a documentary form, the filmmaker takes a sensitive and modest look, just like her charcoal drawings, at the testimonies of people from different backgrounds living in Switzerland. Short-lived, original and sensitive portraits.

Simon Guélat's movie, Aline, will not leave Swiss audiences indifferent: the film is a form of tribute to the famous writer Charles Ferdinand Ramuz. Focusing on the diverse emotions of his characters, the film also offers a sensitive and striking portrait of a teenager and his mother's love for him.

Without a doubt, the spectators of this Pardi Di Domani session will probably not leave the cinema empty-hearted.