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Locarno75: “Come together!” – the Rotonda by la Mobiliare is back

The lively space for all who attend the Locarno Film Festival

From July 29 to August 14, the slogan “Come together!” will set the mood for fun, music and the arts in Locarno, with the Rotonda by la Mobiliare: the popular meeting place and cultural venue combined in one space, featuring a wide range of entertainment and discoveries, open and accessible to all.

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As the Locarno Film Festival gears up to celebrate its 75th anniversary, the event’s partnership with la Mobiliare goes from strength to strength in a shared commitment to foster both creativity and encounters whose hallmark is culture, open to all. A perfect expression of that commitment, the curatorial concept “Come together!” for the Rotonda by la Mobiliare was developed by Dorothea Strauss, the project’s artistic director, together with the renowned Swiss design and architecture studio Atelier Oï, and the Festival. From July 29 through August 14, the Rotonda by la Mobiliare will be a place for everyone, families included, to spend quality time while enjoying an expanded offering that will blend leisure and socializing with artistic and cultural content.

Raphaël Brunschwig, Managing Director of the Locarno Film Festival: “The Rotonda is an inseparable part of the Festival experience, especially with regard to our goal of constantly regenerating the communities in attendance. We are delighted to be able to present, thanks to our collaboration with la Mobiliare, a Rotonda that will be a big surprise – completely unrestricted and open to all, ready to provide moments of leisure and convivial relaxation, thanks to a new, expanded offering that includes music, gastro food and beverages, and art. It’s a place designed to be both an ancillary space for Festival regulars and a venue which will attract and engage with people who haven’t yet joined us in Locarno!

Dorothea Strauss, artistic director of the project: “We congratulate the Locarno Film Festival on its 75th anniversary. We are proud to be one of the four Main partners. Culture is the heart of our society. Together with the Locarno Film Festival and Atelier we want to encourage curiosity at the Rotonda by la Mobiliare. It is so important to see the world from very different perspectives. We all need to discover new things and work together toward a positive, sustainable, and solidarity-based present.

An overview of the 2022 offerings

For 17 evenings, starting at 6 pm, the Rotonda will be offering something for everyone, with a series of artworks and installations, a program of music packed with surprises, entertainment areas, bars, a wide range of gastro food and beverages, plus a dedicated area for children.

A unique experience: the Rotonda by la Mobiliare will be an open-air cultural place. We want to immerse our young and older audience in the fascinating universe of creativity and new ideas. Experiencing something together, exchanging ideas, and developing new visions will happen at the Rotonda by la Mobiliare.

Music and entertainment: more than ever, the music stage at the Rotonda by la Mobiliare will be the focal point of the “Come together!” experience, with a raft of soloists, live bands and DJ playlists. The music line-up, focused on emerging Swiss talents but also featuring internationally known artists, will be in the capable hands of Swiss broadcaster RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera, Suzana Gostimirović (internationally experienced agent and music manager from Noviton and Gostimirović Music Management) and Andi Rohrer (producer and presenter of the music program Sounds! on Radio SRF 3). The full program will be revealed in July, but advance notice of stand-out acts will be put out in the next few weeks via the Instagram channel of the Rotonda by la Mobiliare.

Furthermore, families at the Rotonda will have their own unique opportunities for having fun and making friends, in the space specially designed for families, made possible by la Mobiliare as Main partner of Locarno Kids.

Food & Beverages: the Rotonda will have four bars and a broad, diversified gastronomic offering with dozens of different suggestions. Although pride of place goes to locally sourced foods and drinks from the Ticino terroir, the Rotonda by la Mobiliare will also be the right choice to taste and discover exotic dishes from further afield. Every evening there will be a chance to experience new and different cuisines.

All news and updates on the 75th edition of the Locarno Film Festival and the Rotonda by la Mobiliare are posted on the official website,, and on social media. Advance announcements on the music line-up and other initiatives will go out on the Instagram channel of the Rotonda by la Mobiliare.

The 75th Locarno Film Festival will take place from 3 to 13 August in its complete, unrestricted format.